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UNSC Fleet
UNSC 4th Fleet







defence/assault fleet


75 ships

  • First Battle of earth
  • Second battle of earth

Fleet Admiral Barington Davis


The Fleet

The 4th Fleet was an old task force created during the Koslovic crissis, during the formation of the UNSC it becaume the UNSC 4th Fleet. This fleet participated in 35 battles during the great war. It was put in charge of protecting mars in the early 2550's and was refited with Halycon Class Cruisers. After failling to protect mars 4th Fleet was ordered to form a task force with Earth's home fleet in order to halt any offensive Covenant maneuvers in and around Earth orbit.

Mars Defence

During the both battle of earth the 4th Fleet was the fleet in charge of protecting Mars. During this operation they lauched in the battle supply to help the infantry. Despit of the great help the fleet was unable to protect Mars and the planet fall under the Loyalist controle. Then the hightcom ordered the 4th to move on earth to help the remain ships of the home fleet around earth.


Post great war campaign

After the victory over the Covenant in march 2553 the Fleet was dispatch with the 1st Naval Armada to retake reach and some of the colony fall under the relentless Covenat empire. During this time they fought many time with the armada to retake as much planetary system as the human can they were also send to seek of any suviving human on attacked world. in early 2559 they were send to retake contact with the last of the colony left,during the war the unsc losses contact with many colony despic if they wass'nt glass or attacked due to the destruction of many commmunication center. By the end of this campaign the unsc were able to make contact with 70 minors colonies and 20 majors.

Recolonization Campaign

in early 2560's the human start a program to rebuilt their pre war empire so they refited the max of ships they can and then sand a large convoy of colonization ship and military ship contanig the 1st Naval Armada and the 4th Fleet as escort ships to protect the new wave of colonization. Then the convoy colonized almost 150 new planet. most know Reach 2, Missouhaga 4, and Sion. At last the 4th fleet was permanently stationned on the Sion system end becaume the Home Fleet of Fleetcom sectore 12, that was in 2572.