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UNSC 61st Invading Fleet
Unit Background

Invading fleet


230,000 troops

Unit Motto

engage all enemis against all ood

Unit size

100 Ships

Current Commander

Fleet Admiral Michael Davidson

Current Status



One feet in the hell

One of the oldest fleet of the UNSC, the 61st was built to protect colony. But when the war began the fleet was recomissionned to engage Covenant fleet and find some covenant colony. Constitued of 100 ships, this fleet saw much batlle that any others. Seen that the war turn in a paturn, fleet destroyed after fleet destroyed. In a desesparate move the fleet was equiped with heavy warships like the Supper Carrier Marathon and halcyon cruiser.

Tide have turn

The new generation of ship as appear, give a new chance to the UNSC, The Fleetcom also decide to combined this fleet with theUNSC 14th Nomad Fleet and the UNSC Second Assault Fleet to create the 1st UNSC Armada a Armada constitued of 300 ship of MKII and MKIII warships.