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Blizzard Force2
UNSC 8th Marines Expeditionary Force





heavy assault unit




20 000 marines

Part of
  • Major General
  • Brigadier General
  • colonel
  • lieutenant-colonel
  • major
  • Captain
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Major
  • Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Caporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Private First Class
  • Private

Blizzard Force




BF's March

  • heavy assault vehicles



praticly all

"Most of those soldiers saw action almost everyehere in the UNSC territories, most of them have lost everything in their fight, but every men and women of this unit will fight until their death."
―Anonymous ODST


This unit fough in almost all battle of the Necros war it gain after numerous years of war a great respect trough the UNSC unit. This unit was under the command of Major General Francis Davidson after 2620. This unit was subdivised in two unit the 29th Marines special force group and the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. During the Post war Campaign it participated to mutiple battle, Reach was one of them. This unit also fought in the Necros war. In the Necros war the unit suffered of extrem lost during the evacuation of Pohock when 5,000 marines of the 25th brigade who were on the UNSC ship were killed during a space battle protect a sanghelian civil convoy. For a tribute, the UEG errected a monument where a picture of all the fallen marines were put on. It was lolcate in New York city just in front of UEG head gouvernement building.

Necros war

During this war the unit was stationned onboard the UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet's ships their first engagment in the Necros War was the Second battle of Linna were the entire force was deployed. On Linna the UNSC 8th Marines Expeditionary Force was part of a hudge counter stike set by the UNSC to retake Linna from the Necros.

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