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Above Reproach
UNSC Above Reproach
Production information




Technical specifications

478 meters


151.9 meters


112.2 meters

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


305 personnel


Human-Covenant War




The UNSC Above Reproach was a UNSC frigate during the Human-Covenant War. She was informally referred to as the Reproach.


Human-Covenant War

"Why is it we always get the crap duties?"
―Hernandez to his XO on learning they would be assigned to the fleet at XI Boötis A

The Reproach was first put into action in 2526, during the Second Battle of Harvest, under the command of then-Vice Admiral Cole. It escaped with only minor damage. After a short refit, it joined the UNSC fleet at the Battle of Alpha Aurigae, where it was heavily damaged. The commander, Manuel Hernandez, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle, when he moved in front of a destroyer to keep fire away from the more valuable ship.

The Reproach spent two months in dock to repair from damage recieved at Alpha Aurigae, and then was assigned to garrison duty at Reach until February of 2528, when it was randomly assigned to the fleet attacking the Covenant forces at XI Boötis A. Luckily, the ship escapede with no damage and assisted in the kill of a Covenant carrier. The Reproach even fought off an assault by Covenant boarders, leading to a promotion to First Lieutenant for one Marine officer.

Shortly afterwards, the frigate was sent to Eridanus II to defend against a Covenant assault. They landed a force of Marines to defend Elysium City, but the Covenant forced the UNSC to withdraw after approximately two days.


While the Reproach was undergoing routine repairs at Groombridge-1830, the Covenant attacked. The executive officer was killed instantly by a plasma torpedo, and Hernandez was thrown against a bulkhead and suffered a hemmorhage that caused his death, but not before he was able to send his crippled ship into Slipspace and wipe the navigation databases, as per the Cole Protocol. He died before the jump was completed. Shortly after this, Admiral Cole arrived and fought the Battle of the great Bear.

Crash on Utopan

The Reproach was damaged during the skirmish, and before the jump was complete the ship dropped out of the Slipstream. The ranking officer, Marine major Matthew Brandis, ordered that the ship be landed on the planet below.