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The UNSC Air Force is a branch of the UNSC military that specializes in atmospheric aircraft and smaller spacecraft such as the Longsword and Scimitar Fighters. The UNSC Air Force's main missions include orbital and air defense, close air support and strategic bombing. UNSC Air Force aircraft usually are based on an air base on the planetary surface, although air force squadrons are sometimes transported between planets and launched from UNSC Navy carriers.

Aircraft designation system

The UNSC Air Force uses a different aircraft designation system than the Navy and Marine Corps

Aircraft role

  • A- Ground Attack
  • B- Bomber
  • C- Cargo/ Transport
  • F- Fighter
  • R- Recon/Spy

Aircraft Type

  • U-Unmanned
  • V- VTOL
  • X- Experimental/ Prototype (Also used for captured Covenant aircraft)




  • B? Shortsword
  • B/CV 77 Bomber Pelican

Ground Attack

  • AV 14 Hornet
  • AV 49 Sparrowhawk


  • CV 77 Pelican
  • C? Albatross

Captured Covenant Aircraft (for evaluation and spec ops purposes)

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