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UNSCArchAngel The UNSC Arch Angel in orbit above Algolis.
Production Information

Sinoviet Heavy Industries




Daring-class Frigate

Technical Specifications

489.8 metres (1,607 ft)


155.2 metres (509 ft)


139.2 metres (457 ft)


AJ-24 Fusion Reactor (x2)


60 centimeters Titanium-A battleplate

  • Multiple Naval Craft
  • Boeing 821 (x2)
  • D77-TC Pelicans (x8)
  • YSS-1000 (x3)
  • AV-14 Hornets (x10)
  • Ground teams
  • Marine Infantry Battalion (x1)
  • M808B Scorpion (x4)
  • M12 Warthog (x5)
  • M12G1 Wombat (x3)


Service Information
Operational Role

Air support, ship-to-ship combat

In Service With



The UNSC Arch Angel is a Daring-class Frigate of the UNSC Navy currently assigned to the UNSC Third Fleet. Constructed in January 2550, the ship served towards the end of the Human-Covenant War, serving in conflicts such as the Battle of Draco III, Battle of Algolis and Defense of Earth.

History Edit

Seoulumn Crisis Edit

On October 24th, 2550, the Arch Angel was deployed as a component of the Rapid Reaction Fleet and was among the initial forces deployed to New Harmony as a part of the UNSC response to the Seoulumn Crisis. On the night of October 27th, the Arch Angel deployed it's Marine contingent to the planet's surface. Upon arriving in Monastir, the ship deployed its Pelican dropships to evacuate remaining civilian survivors from the city's soaring towers.

After retrieving the surviving Marine forces, the Arch Angel moved into low orbit over the city and launched a MAC strike on the city center, clearing out the remaining infectees.

Battle of Algolis Edit

Shortly after the conflict on New Harmony, the UNSC Arch Angel was reassigned to a defensive role above the colony world Algolis, located near the tip of the Human colonial sphere. Within several months of it's intial deployment, the frigate detected a small Covenant strike force gathering over the colony's northern pole, towards the colonial weapons facility. After deploying Marine teams to engage the Covenant forces, the frigate launched the intial evacuation protocols, deploying numerous civilian and military craft.

Battle of Earth Edit