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Army Advance Reconnaissance
Chronological Information

May 23rd, 2390—


UNSCflag United Nations Space Command


UNSC Defense Force


UNSC Special Operations

  • Clandestine assault and reconnaissance
  • Elite counter-insurgency/terrorism
"Nobody crosses this line."
―Unofficial motto

United Nations Space Command Army Advance Reconnaissance (AAR), affectionately known as ADVANCE RECON, is the largest special operations department within the entire United Nations Space Command. It falls under the jurisdiction and command of the UNSC Army and SPECWAR.

Known to associate itself vastly with Marine Rapid Infiltration and Orbital Drop Shock Operations, AAR is an extremely potent infiltration, reconnaissance, counter-insurgency/terrorism, and unconventional warfare group that has been operating as early as 2390. It's operators are often colloquially referred to as grizzlies in reference to their late tradition of donning light brown combat uniforms.



Since the finale of the Civil War of 2553, Advance Reconnaissance has found itself within a new structural regime. Like ODSO, the force would be moving from divisions to brigade combat teams as the largest permanent formation. Due largely in part to then-ongoing reformation efforts, this also allowed for a plethora of other changes within each brigade. On average, ADVANCE RECON maintains and actively deploys (despite the Army's typical surface-only tendency) as many as forty brigades at any one time, each consisting of four to five thousand operators of varying rates and ranks.

Current Structure

UPDATED 1950 HOURS EST, DEC 22, 2582

AARlogoArmy Advance Reconnaissance — (AAR/RECON)

  • ODSTcoat21st Infantry Brigade — (RECON X 21)
  • Emblem1025th Infantry Brigade — (RECON X 25)


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