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The United Nations Space Command Army Air Force, normally shortened to UNSC AAF or Army Air is a military branch of the United Nations Space Command Defence Force which serves the United Nations Space Command Army and Colonial Militia in planetary operations. In fact, the Army Air Force can only operate in atmospheric-conditions as many of its aircraft rely on an atmosphere to operate.


From its humble origins during the First World War to the formation of the UNSC, each nation had its own Air Force. But when the UNSC began to move out into unknown space, the Air Force was immediantly absorbed into the Navy similar to how the "wet" Navy was absorbed into Army. The Air Force continued to be part of the Navy until the end of the Human-Covenant War when it was divided into two sub-divsions of the Army and Navy: the Army Air Force and the Naval Air Corps, respectively.




Command Structure

General of the Air Force: Brigadier General Harry S. Peterskin - Brig Gen H Peterskin served during the Human-Covenant War as a pilot of a Shortsword-Class Bomber with notable operations across the entire war including the Sol Theater where he was shot down by Covenant Anti-Air over downtown Tokyo. Surviving he managed to link up with members of the 501st Marine Battalion still currently defending Tokyo before escaping to the Asian continent. For his actions, he was awarded mulitple medals before being assigned to the elderly Lord Hood's staff where his insight into aerial warfare, meant Peterskin was quickly promoted to commanding the entire Army Air Force.

Command Centre: HIGH-COM Facility Bravo-6 - Despite being the epicentre of the Battle of Sydney, Bravo-6 survived due to the Covenant discovery of the Portal underneath New Mombasa. Bravo-6 or the Hive is known to be the centre of the UNSC High Command where the majority of all miliatry division sit.

Aerial Vehicles of the Army Air Force



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