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"First to fight, last to leave, forever foward, never not. We wear the Black Beret, the weight of worlds on our shoulders, the faith of the nation at our back."
―Common Ranger mantra
"... Frogs? Hell, we taught 'em! Helljumpers? Ain't squat, them! Sailors, no we're not. Marines, hell we're not. We're Rangers, Airborne, Soldiers of the sky, forever forward and last to die! ..."
―Excerpt of common Ranger cadence
Ranger UC
I Ranger Corps
Unit Background

Rapid deployment
Direct action
Light assault
Airborne assault
Air assault
Special reconnaissance
Unconventional warfare
Personnel recovery
Psychological operations

Unit Motto

First to Fight

Subordinate Units

-1st Ranger Division

  • 8th Ranger Regiment
  • 16th Ranger Regiment
  • 203rd Ranger Regiment
  • 707th Ranger Regiment

-2nd Ranger Division

  • 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 201st Ranger Regiment
  • 702nd Ranger Regiment
  • 205th Ranger Regiment

-1st Special Operations Aviation Division (Attached)

  • 82nd Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • 121st Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • 44th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
Current Status



The UNSC Army Rangers, also known as Black Berets due to their distinctive authorised headwear, are élite, light infantry, special operations troops of the UNSC Army, capable of rapid organisational mobilisation and deployment. They operate under the jurisdiction of the UNSC Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and are headquartered at Seoul Airbase, Unified Republic of Korea.

Ranger prospects are drawn largely from the UNSC Army Airborne Corps, as Airborne qualification, among others, is requisite for enrollment into UNSC Army Ranger Schools. Upon completion, newly graduated Rangers are issued and authorised to wear the distinctive Black Beret, as well as the Ranger qualification tab. As is the case with other UNSC Army Schools, Ranger graduates are not guaranteed entry into the Corps, and may return to serve in their pre-training formations.