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UNSC Army Special Operations Aviation (ARSOA) is a special operations force of the UNSC Special Operations Command and the UNSC Army Special Operations Command responsible for providing high-quality aviation assets to support UNSC Special Forces. Formerly known as the UNSC Reconnaissance Aviation Expeditionary Force (RAVEN), the organization would be renamed in the reorganization of UNSCSOCOM after the Beyond Veil's Azure Crisis to its current name as of the Galactic Era.

Operational History

RAVEN has participated extensively in many epochs of UNSC Defense Force warfare, initially in the cataclysmic Human-Covenant War and its many battles, including the Battle of Cambridge, and later in the post-War era, participating in numerous UNSC crises, such as the Memory Crisis, the Vector Era, and lately, the Midgard Crisis.

A RAVEN special-aviation regiment is attached to Task Force 51 (TF51) on Midgard to support the UNSC special forces on the planet.

Vehicles Operated

The UNSC Reconnaissance Aviation Expeditionary Force operates a wide variety of vehicles to support the UNSC SO-requirement on a contextual basis; this includes the modernistic D72-TC King Penguin dropship, the AV-99 Foray Close Assault Gunship, the aging D25-UC Heron helicopter series, and highly futuristic variants of the unorthodox LATV-82 Condor light transport.

Behind the Scenes

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