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UNSC Benevolent

The UNSC Benevolent is a Hopeful-class hospital ship that served in the UNSC Navy from 2527 onwards.


Plans were laid out for the construction of a hospital ship in 2525, soon after the Great War broke out. Construction officially began on January 22nd, 2526, in orbital shipyards over Reach. The parts for the ship were so large that they had to be manufactured on Reach's surface and taken to the shipyards piece by piece, where they were joined to the main vessel. A year later, on June 7th, 2527, the ship was completed and was christened Benevolent. Leonard Jackson was promoted to captain and was elected to lead the ship. The Benevolents first battle was a small skrimish at Delta Serpentis, where it gained a reputation similar to the Hopefuls.


In 2531, Benevolent was stopped in the Prism System by an ONI Prowler. All patients were to be discharged. This lead to the deaths of several patients, as the hasty evacuation denied them the medications needed to survive. The SPARTAN-IIIs of Vector Company were taken onboard to undergo augmentations. Nothing of note occurred, and the Spartans were gone within two weeks. The Benevolent's captain was ordered to keep silent about the incident under pain of death. Benevolent left the system and was ordered to Reach to be re-outfitted.