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UNSC Brave New World
CFV-84, Brave New World
Production information

Phoenix-class Colony Ship


Vickers Shipbuilders

Technical specifications

2517 meters


268 meters


542 meters

Engine unit(s)
  • Main drives (4)
  • Auxiliary drives (2)
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Slipspace velocity

2.1L/y day

Power plant

Deuterium fusion cores (6)


Pre-Refit 1.5 metres Titanium B Hullplating Post-Refit 3 metres Titanium A Battleplating



  • MLA 50mm autocannons (24)


  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)
  • Havoc-class nuclear warheads (4)
  • 'Archer' Missile Pods (26)
    • Ammunition: 30 missiles per pod
  • HMA 600mm Quad-Turrets (16)
  • MLA 50mm autocannons (52)

5,500 Naval Crew, 1 Artificial Intelligence

Minimum crew

120 Naval Crew, 1 Artificial Intelligence



  • 8,000 humans


  • 3,500 humans

Human-Covenant War


Colony Ship/Naval Support Vessel




"Older than most of the crewmembers aboard her, yet still they want us in the Navy. Says it all about the old girl, doesn't it?"
―Captain Bryana Takenov, UNSC Brave New World



Construction and Civilian Service

The first sections of the Brave New World were laid down at the Sheffield shipyards upon Mars in January 2469, the thirteenth Phoenix to be created at those yards. It took a further seven months for the initial frame to be pieced together, and another six months onto that to finish the superstructure. That allowed eight months to be spent upon furbishing the interior and finally, three months to ensure the vessel was spaceworthy before giving the engineering teams permission to send it upon it's maiden voyage to Earth.

It was at Earth that the Brave New World was officially accepted into the service of the United Nations Space Command, although running under a mixture of a civilian crew with UNSC supervisors to ensure that if anything did do wrong, they could handle it. The 'overseer' crew consisted of a mere handful of UNSCDF personnel, ranging from Fred Ambrose, the ships executive officer, to Major Briars who was the head of the small marine complement deployed with the colonist's to aid in securing the colony against any possible threats which might be found.


Brave New World Command Crew - 2471

  • Captain Adrian Sheperd -- Ships Captain
  • COL-AI 1251 'Huxley' -- Colonial AI
  • Lieutenant Commander Fred Ambrose -- Second-in-Command
  • Ensign Janet Decker -- Communications Officer
  • Lieutenant Dan Kenneth -- Defensive Officer
  • Major Harold Briars -- Colonial Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Westley Agatha -- Navigation Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Arthur Newton -- Chief Engineer

Brave New World Command Crew - 2525

  • Captain Bryana Takenov -- Ships Captain
  • MIL-AI 3617 Nyx -- Naval AI
  • Lieutenant Commander Watson Crick -- Second-in-Command
  • Leutenant Junior Grade Neil Hakket -- Communications Officer
  • Ensign Tiara Garnet -- Weapons Officer
  • Lieutenant Jack Longhern -- Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Lana Tarkhem -- Navigation Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Franklin Obert -- Chief Engineer
  • Colonel Trent Varsail -- Commanding Marine Officer