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UNSC Cobra
Production information



Unknown Shipyard

Technical specifications

500 meters


300 meters


175 meters

Maximum speed (Space)

71,500 Miles Per Hour

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

9,500 Miles Per Hour

Engine unit(s)

Shaw-Fujikawa Slipspace Drive

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

8.0 L/y day

Power output

350,000 Gigawatts Per Min

Power plant

600,000 Gigawatts


Titanium-A Battle Plate



  • Archer missile (12 pods), Shiva-class nuclear warhead (2), HORNET Mine (10), AA guns and Turrets (40), Laser Turrets a.k.a. ELTs (6), 3 MAC cannons
  • 350 Marines
  • 70 ODST`s
  • 500 Crewman
  • 150 Engineers
  • 14 Warthogs
  • 6 Gauss Warthogs
  • 2 Scorpion Tanks
  • 30 Longsword Interceptors
  • 2 Pelicans
  • 25 "Bumblebee" Escape Boats

500 crewmen total, 250 to a shift

Minimum crew

75 crewmen



Cargo capacity

40,000 tons of food and supplies


Air 5 Years, Food 2 Years, Water 11 Months


Human-Covenant war




United Nations Space Command


The UNSC Cobra, along with the rest of the D-Day Battle Cluster is an upgrade to the experimental Wyvern-class battlecruiser, the UNSC Overlord. It's been improved so it can run at full power with a smaller crew, or a single AI, has downgraded less effective and more expensive weapons to make room for the Experimental Laser Turrets the Wyvern is known for. It's ground forces garrison has been downsized as well, leaving only enough to repel boarders. This is also to make room for more Engineers and other Crewmen.

Finally, it's hangar has been cleared of most ground vehicles to make room for a larger compliment of Longsword interceptors. Overall, it has lost it's ability as a troop carrier, but gained ability as a combat warship.

Cobra's Battle history

In total, the Cobra has technically only been in one engagement: The Second Battle of Earth. But in reality, there are many smaller engagements that make up said battle, and the Cobra has seen action in many of them.

In a battle over Washington D.C., the Cobra engaged 3 CCS-Cruisers along with it's sister ship, the UNSC Sword. The Sword used it's laser turrets to rip apart two of the ships as the Cobra slugged it out with the third. Eventually, it was forced to fire all 3 of it's MAC cannons at once, leaving the ship temporarily powerless, life support and artificial atmosphere being the only remaining functional systems. However, the Covenant ship was completely ripped apart, its shields having no time to defend against the cannons.

The entire cluster also participated on an attack against an orbital station recently captured by the Covenant. The 181st Marine Battalion engaged the Covenant inside as the D-Day Battle Cluster fought off around 2 dozen Covenant ships. The Cobra took severe damage, along with the Omaha, and the Gold was completely destroyed. The Cobra is currently under contruction on one of the few repair stations under UNSC control.