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Atlas Class UNSC
Crystal Fire
Production information

Atlas-class Destroyer


SinoViet Heavy Machinery

Technical specifications

1,721 feet, 6 inches


472 feet


352 feet, 5 inches

Engine unit(s)

Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


60 centimetres (2 ft 0in) Titanium-A Armor

  • Archer Missile Pod (26)
  • Double Barreled Point Defense Auto Cannon (16)
  • Shiva Class Nuclear Missile (3)
  • MAC cannon (2)
  • 10 ODST
  • 10 HEVs

Human-Covenant War


Destroying vessels

Present for battles/events

Fall of Reach, Earth




The UNSC Crystal Fire, more commonly known as the Crystal, was built before the Human-Covenant war, with the threat of Insurrectionists in mind. The ship continued to be part of the Fall of Reach and the Battle of Earth, most notably.


The Crystal served its purpose during the Insurrectionist threat. When the Covenant threat was discovered, the Crystal was ready. The ship's first action was at the Second Battle of Harvest, when it was used for artillery purposes. However, during the Harvest campaign, it was severely damaged. It was sent to Reach to be repaired. It was docked at an Orbital Repair Station. There, it was also refitted. The process took some 5 years. Then, it began heavy use.


The Crystal was put into many battles before Reach. Most of which were futile attempts to stop Glassing, but it did become part of other battles, which were more indepth.

New Constantinople

The ship was part of the force that tried to prevent the glassing of New Constantinople, obviously failing.

Siege of Atlas Moons

The Crystal was destroying specific ships at the Battle of Atlas Moons. It was part of the reason that the UNSC won. Without it, the other ships would've been overwhelmed quickly.

Battle of Kholo

Again, the Crystal was making a useless attempt to prevent glassing. The ship sustained major battle damage. It was again repaired at Reach. This time it took 7 years. Ammunition in the ship was exploded, and the MAC generator was disabled. The ship was repaired, and the generator had to be replaced. A much stronger and more modern generator was installed, giving it the power to attack at a much faster rate. It took so long because generators were made to order, and a temporary generator couldn't be found.

Siege of Paris IV

The Crystal was not in any major battles until 2549, ten years after Kholo. At Paris IV, the Crystal was present, and destroyed many enemy ships, but did not do enough. Paris was lost.


At Reach, the Crystal was replacing the crew aboard Quezon Station when the Covenant attacked. The Crystal was ordered to stay attached and deploy some of its troops onto Quezon Station to defend from boarding attempts. The shipboard AI of the Quezon informed it that a Pelican with high-profile troops to the Crystal. The Crystal was ordered to detach and prepare for slipspace jump to Earth. It stayed at Earth until the attack of Earth.


The ship was used as a ship destroyer again. It destroyed many of the incoming vessels, probably inbound to Cleveland.