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Production information


Technical specifications

1192 meters


100,000 tons

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

2.1L/y day


Resistant to 4+ Plasma Torpedoes


Archer Missiles Pods, MAC cannon, 50mm point defense guns (speculation)


Pelican Dropships


Admiral John Stevenson


United Nations Space Command


The Danas was a venerable Marathon Class Crusiers that was present at the battle of Reach. It survived this battle, but was destroyed during the Skirmish of the Eagle Nebula. It was the flagship of Taskforce Avenger.



During the fight with the Insurrection, UNSC ship builders conceived a new design. The UNSC Marathon-class cruiser entered construction in 2513, and the ships built were soon the pride of the navy.


The UNSC Danas was constructed in a Reach dry dock in spring of 2517. The ship was finished in 2518, and was one of the few ships to be completely built in less than a year.


The UNSC Danas first saw action against the Insurrection, being a fleet command vessel. However, it was soon pulled back when the Covenant attacked as a Reach defense vessel. For almost thirty years, it didn't leave the system and saw little combat, and it's young commander, Admiral John Stevenson, grew to be an old man. In August 2552, it saw it's first action in decades. When the Covenant invaded the system, it rallied it's forces, the Cruiser Valley Forge and the frigate Deadalis, to defend the area. However, the fleet soon had to retreat as the Covenant forces pushed inward.

Admiral John Stevenson led Taskforce Avenger away from the field of combat and to the Eagle Nebula, so that they could jump to Earth. However, they came under attack by twin Covenant Supercarriers. The Danas overloaded it's reactor when it fired four successive MAC rounds, and was destroyed when it was hit with almost ten plasma torpedos.

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