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Production information


Technical specifications

478 meters (1,568 feet)


151.9 meters (498 feet)


112.2 meters (396 feet)

Engine unit(s)
  • Main drives (2)
  • Auxiliary drives (2)
Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

2.1 light-years/day

Power plant

Deuterium fusion cores (2)


60 centimeters Titanium-A battleplate

  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)
Ammunition:Less than 6 rounds
  • Shiva missile (1)
  • Archer missile pods (26)
Ammunition:30 missiles per pod
  • Albatross dropships (1+)
  • Pelican dropships (16+)
  • Scorpion tanks
  • Warthogs

[Marines and/or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

  • Clarion spy drones (3)

Captain Rebecka Morgan

  • United Nations Space Command

A FFG Frigate under command of Captain Rebecka Morgan, the Deadlis was a frigate in the UNSC and part of Taskforce Avenger. It was present at the battle of Reach, and was one of the few ships to survive.



The Deadalis was constructed in a dry dock over Reach, with construction beginning in 2551 and ending in August 2552. It was constructed near the UNSC Valley Forge, and the new ship siphoned off considerable resources from the frigate.


It was not long before the Deadalis saw combat. Under the command of Admiral John Stevenson, it joined Taskforce Avenger, and was placed around Reach. When the system was invaded, it helped defend it, but it retreated with the other members of the Taskforce when the battle went sour, and fled to the Eagle Nebula. However, they found two Covenant ships waiting for them. They engaged, but all ships but the Deadalis were destroyed. The deadalis jumped out of system to the planet Kamos, but was badly damaged by the battle and when they emerged from slipspace they lost almost all power except in life support and sensors. However, it was saved when the UNSC Apollo and UNSC Vulcan's Hammer emerged from slipspace, and after a brief argument with the Apollo's captain, Captain William Davenport, the Apollo sent over engineers to get the Deadalis fixed.

After eight hours of repairs, the ship was operating at 78%. Suddenly a single Covenant battlecruiser emerged from slipspace in the system, and launched waves of fighters. These fighters blockaded the ship's in orbit and prevented them from reaching the ground forces. The Deadalis engaged. The Covenant ship was destroyed, but the Vulcan's Hammer perished. They then evacuateded the forces on the ground, and fled into slipspace as a NOVA bomb SPARTAN-458 had planted in a Covenant dropship detonated and destroyed a huge covenant fleet that had just arrived.