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"Space: The final frontier, filled with new worlds and old relics waiting to be discovered. STELCART: the only organisation to spend years in space only to find that good lookin' rock over there isn't as good lookin' as we hoped it would be."
―Tired, Anonymous Star Charter Captain

The United Nations Space Command Department of Stellar Cartography (STELCART), often unoffically referred to as the Star Fleet, is a branch of the United Nations Space Command that explores and charts the vacuum of space. STELCART is also responsible for finding and locating habitable worlds possible for colonisation, new resources such as deuterium and raw minerals, finding new species and space-faring civilsations and for locating and recovering Forerunner relics.

While not a military organisation, STELCART maintains a small security force to maintain the peace on the vessels and to protect them as well. By 2564, STELCART became a joint department between the Sovereign Territories and the UNSC as through negotiations the Sangheilian Council would give the UNSC all their current star charts if they accepted Sangheili officers into their ranks and shared all star charts formed after 2564.

In 2655, a new holo-vision series centred around the trials and tributlations of STELCART in a fictional universe on board the Scouting Craft the UNSC Wagon Train To The Stars. Aptly named Star Fleet, the show became an instant hit amongst the Inner Core worlds and especially Human colonies along the Sangheili Border when the show introduced thirteen Sangheili crewmembers. The show questioned many of the present day morals of Humans and the United Federation and also depicted issues such as war and pace, the value of personal loyalty, between what is right and what is just and racism amongst the same and differing species. It remains a cult classic.

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