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The UNSC Flight Instruction Academy is one of the most prestigous schools in the Navy. It was the and is the training ground of all Navy Pilots, including dropship, fighter, and bomber pilots. The school was located on Luna, about twenty miles from the Luna OCS Academy. It has trained UNSC pilots for over 250 years, and has pride at the fact that it has turned out some of the best pilots ever to fly in the UNSC. It's interior is similar to that of Cairo Station, but quite a bit larger. It is home to several thousand training fighters, along with several hundred real working ships. It has dozens of simulators, and can train thousands of pilots at a time. It also doubles as the orbital garrision for the UNSC, and has several dozen elite squads in residence that are part of the home defense force. It has several dozen recreational facilities, including parks, bars, restruants, and holo theaters. The Instruction acadmey is placed in the Letronne crater.