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Terminal This article, UNSC Gojira, was written by Ajax 013. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
UNSC Gojira
Production information

United Nations Space Command


Super Carrier

Technical specifications


Engine unit(s)

Nuclear fusion engine

  • 50mm point defence guns
  • 200 oversized Archer pods
  • Three MAC guns, two foward facing, one on turreted
  • 6 SHIVA Missiles
  • 142 50mm point defence guns
  • Large amounts of UNSC marine personel and equipment
  • 60 Longsword fighters
  • 30 Pelican dropships
  • 8 Albatross dropships

Human-Covenant war


United Nations Space Command


"He's the Gojira, the 'King of Monsters'. Well, that is until we saw THAT"
―Admiral Jason Langdon

A Super Carrier in the Joint Task Force 1st Fleet and previously the UNSC 13th Fleet. It was one of the few, rare super carriers and a potent battlefield force. Though named after a six hundred year old monser movie star, it is also affectionatly known as the Godzilla and the ships motto is 'The King of Monsters'.

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