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UNSC Grapes of Wrath
Production information

Avenger-class dreadnought


Reyes-McLees Shipyards

Modified by


Technical specifications

1,650 meters (4,950 ft)


350 meters (1,148 ft)


420 meters (1,378 ft)

Engine unit(s)
  • Primary fusion drives (2)
  • Secondary fusion drives (4)
  • Mk. II deuterium fusion reactors
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Ten meter-thick Titanium-A battle plate

Sensor systems
  • Radar
  • Spectroscopes
Navigation system

Navigation AI (2)

  • Turret mounted Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (3)
  • Point-defense gun (40)
  • Shiva Missiles (12)
  • Archer missile pods (40)
  • 50mm point defense guns (16)
  • 1 battalion of Marines
  • 2 squads of ODSTs
Cargo capacity
  • Scorpion Tanks (6)
  • Warthogs (12)
  • Gauss Warthogs (8)
  • Rocket Warthogs (4)
  • Troop Transport Warthog (2)
  • Mongooses (34)
  • Hornets (28)
  • Pelicans (10)
  • Albatross (10)
  • HEV (36)
  • Cryo-chambers (40)
  • Escape pods (42)
  • Clarion-class spy drones (24)
Other systems

Smart AI "Guy Montag"


Human-Covenant War

Earliest sighting


Present for battles/events

United Nations Space Command, UNSC Navy

Known crewmembers
  • Maxim Jackovitch
  • Tonya Hendricks
  • Luc-G056
Known commander(s)

The UNSC Grapes of Wrath, often incorrectly identified as the UNSC The Grapes of Wrath and often referred to as the Grapes, was a major battleship that took action during the Fall of Reach, the Loss of Hope, and the Battle of the Zenith Complex. It was the only UNSC dreadnought to see service throughout any of these events. The Grapes of Wrath was commanded by Rear Admiral Robert Garcia, the youngest serviceman to ever achieve such a rank.

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