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Marathon-class Cruiser
UNSC Mivon
Production information


Technical specifications

1192 meters


4 sets of Grade-A Titanium Armor-Plating


3 Heavy MAC guns, 60 Archer Missile pods, 4 SHIVA Nuclear Warheads, 150 Point defense Cannons

  • C709 Longsword-class interceptor
  • Pelican dropships
  • F167 Longbow Fighters
  • 1500 marines
  • 4 ODST squads
  • HEV's



Naval Combat

Present for battles/events

1st and 2nd battles of earth




97th fleet

Known commander(s)

Fleet Admiral Lord Exeter Mivon


UNSC Mivon is a Marathon class cruiser, commanded by fleet admiral Exeter Mivon. UNSC Mivon is the commanding ship in the 97th fleet.

The Ship

The UNSC Mivon is a Marathon-class Cruiser, built for Naval combat and warfare. The vessel is a massive 1192 meters long, with four sets of modified Grade-A titanium armor plating, which can take quite a beating before the armor will buckle.


The ship itself is armed with 3 heavy MAC guns, 60 archer missile pods, 4 SHIVA nuclear warheads and 150 point defense autocannons.


On board, there is a large amount of ground and space vehicles. These include- *40 C709 Longsword-class interceptors

  • 60 Pelican dropships
  • 20 [[User:ONI recon 111/F167 Longbow Fighter]|F167 Longbow Fighter]s
  • 1500 marines
  • 14 ODST squads and HEV's
  • 100 scorpion tanks
  • 250 warthogs of all types
  • 350 mongoose's
  • 20 Albatrosses
  • 50 wolverines
  • 50 hornets
  • 30 rhino tanks
  • 20 sparrowhawks.


UNSC Mivon has 500 crew members and technicans. The Bridge crew are listed below.

Bridge crew

  • Commanding Officer- Fleet admiral Lord Exeter Mivon
  • Executive Officer- Lt Commander Alan Bell
  • Chief Engineer- Lt Commander Tai Fu Wong
  • Navigations Officer- Lt Skye Andrews
  • Sensor Station Officer- Lt Ian Armstrong
  • Weapons Officer- Lt Arnold Swathi
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