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UNSC Naval Special Warfare Group Six (NAVSPECWAR Six) is a covert action detachment of UNSC Naval Special Warfare, UNSC Special Operations Command and UNSC Progressive Warfare Division (PROGWARDIV). Its primary responsibilities include covert action and unconventional warfare, and NAVSPECWAR Six has gained significant dubious distinction in military circles as a "black ops" group, and retired members have published extensive human rights abuses and humanitarian atrocities and usage of weapons of mass destruction perpetrated by NAVSPECWAR Six teams.

Before the Human-Covenant War, distinguished UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence covert action officer Wakes would begin his career as a NAVSPECWAR Six team leader, leading NAVSPECWAR counterterror operations on planets such as Reach and Miridem with distinction. After the War, NAVSPECWAR Six would be recognized as an integral community of the UNSC special warfare community, and NAVSPECWAR Six, as a covert action force, would be strongly associated with Commodore Cooke and ONI Section Three and the UNSC Department of Biological Warfare, where NAVSPECWAR would prosecute the Raid of Beryl and instigate morally-sickening events, such as PATRIOT and FORECAST. Kawika Son, a Commander (O-5) and the leader of a NAVSPECWAR Six special element that would become associated with SPARTAN-091 and the Memory Crisis. NAVSPECWAR Six teams would also operate in Task Force 51 during 25902594 on Midgard.

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