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The UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence Radio Intelligence Program, colloquially referred to as Romeo India Papa, was the integrated signals intelligence collection program of the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence. A major component of the ONI Directorate of Fleet Intelligence (Section One), it was the agency doctrinally responsible for the strategic collection, analysis, and distribution of communications intelligence and electronic intelligence. It was also referred to as the Department of Signals Intelligence within the Directorate of Fleet Intelligence.

Upon its activation, it assumed some of the responsibilities formerly accorded to the ONI Signal Corps, and it subsumed the Radio Beacon Deployment Program.

In 2560, the Radio Intelligence Program provided the first warnings of a potential attack on Gliese 876 D (Bellerophon), as its Magnetosphere Study Group detected extremely high-energy emissions in the polar region of the planet. The belief that this was attributable to directed energy weapons or thermonuclear weapons, and even possible Covenant pulse laser or plasma torpedo fire, led to the declaration of an OPREP 1 TEMPEST and a warning that high-energy weapons of mass destruction might have been used.