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UNSC Battle Cruiser 3A
UNSC Passchendaele
Production information

United Nations Space Command


UNSC Battle Cruiser



Technical specifications

7 kilometres

  • 10 MAC guns
  • 150 Archer Missile pods
  • 100 50mm defense guns
  • 2 marine divisions (40 000 troops)
  • 3 ODST Brigades (15 000 troops)
  • 1500 crewmen
Minimum crew
Year introduced



United Nations Space Command



The UNSC Passchendaele is a UNSC Battle Cruiser in the UNSC Second Assault Fleet. It carries 2 Marine Divisions and 3 ODST Brigades for use in a land tactical battle. It was commissioned in the year 2552 for use by Vice Admiral William Falconi, who is the Second-in-Command of the UNSC Second Assault Fleet.

Introduction into Service

The UNSC Passchendaele was created at Reyes-Mclees Shipyard on Mars during the First Battle of Earth. As it was created and put into service quickly there was no avaiable time for the UNSC to install better systems because it soon left to take part against the Loyalist Honour Crusades.


Loyalist Honour Crusades

Currently Classified.

Battle of Arctic IV

Currently Classified.

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