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The UNSC pilot corps truly are the best of the best. Consisting of fighter pilots and bomber pilots, they are those who risk their lives in the most dangerous battlefield of The UNSC Pilot Corps are so elite because of the amount of tolerance for high-g manuvers is needed to succeed as a pilot and not black out. This is especially clear with fighter pilots, as the high-g rolls, pitches, and manuvers they have to undertake to dogfight will potentially cause average humans to black out. However there are solutions. The UNSC created the Mk. 2 Pilot Neural Interface in 2511, which acts like an anti-g stabilizer. It makes the user able to wistand gs ten times stronger than those indured by the astronauts of the 21st century. Still, some inherent g tolerance is needed, so many do not make it into the piloting corps. However, the vast majority of those who attempt to join do get to join, succeed, so what is it that makes these pilots so elite? It is actually quite simple: the average of pilots in the UNSC who survive 5 years of combat is 8%. Fighter and Bomber pilots have the highest casualty rate in the UNSC, far above all other armed forces. The high morality rate means that almost all squadrons have taken high casualites over the years, most with extremely high casualites (only one or two pilots surviving battles). However, it also means that squadrons that suffer few casualties gather enormous amounts of fame. Examples of these squadrons include the 112th Naval Squadron, the 77th Naval Squadron, and the 182nd Naval Squadron.