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Production information



United Nations Space Command

Technical specifications


Engine unit(s)

Nuclear fusion engine

  • Torpedeo counter guidance system
  • SPARTAN laser point defence guns
  • 690 oversized Archer pods
  • 2 forward facing Super MAC guns
  • 8 MAC Turrets (two on port deck, two on port keel, two on starboard deck, two on keel deck)
  • 10 SHIVA missiles
  • 320 SPARTAN laser point defence weapons
  • Large amounts of UNSC marine personel and equipment
  • 40 Longsword fighters
  • 20 Pelican dropships
  • 6 Albatross dropships

Human-Covenant war


United Nations Space Command


The UNSC Cole was one of ONI Section 3 last ditch weapon plans in the war agaisnt the Covenant and created in secret. Easily dwarfing many ships, both Covenant and UNSC. They are fearsome ship, using dozens of experimental technologies to create the most fearsome fighting ships to ever haunt the stars. Armed with the new experimental fighter defence, the SPARTAN laser turret which used a pair of dual SPARTAN lasers to burn through Seraphs with ease, an advanced nuclear fusion reactor first pioneered by the UNSC Pillar of Autumn but uses six sub reactors to power three reactors, one that powers the ship systems and engines, the other to power weapon and counter measure systems and the final one powers its manoeuvring engines for aiming its MAC guns or evading more powerful Covenant weapons. To ensure its survival, a Covenant torpedo counter-guidance system was integrated into its defense mechanisms, recieved as a good will gesture from the Sangheili at the beginning of the Great Schism and subsequently reverse-engineered by ONI scientists.

It sports two forward facing Super MAC guns, capable of easily destroying the heaviest of covenant ships in a single blow or aimed at one then fired one at a time at two different targets. It mounts eight standard MACs on turrets that are designed to defeat frigates and destroyers closing on the ship. While it possses an outside bridge which is heavily armoured it has another bridge buried deeper inside the ship though rarely used except in the destruction of the primary bridge. It houses large complements of Marine forces and Longswords, making it as effective as a carrier. They were built in seperate peices over dozens of systems, including a large chunk being made in various places in the Reach system and Sol system. They were secretly put in the system Red-0112. Its armor is incredibly thick, even compared to other cruisers. Nobody has released a cost on it and rumour has it ONI paid and created it with a mixture of mass extortion, slave labour and other underhand methods but these are only rumours. It is the first of three experimental Battleships being built in secret.