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UNSC Advanced Special Operations Command
(UNSC Progressive Warfare Command)
Unit Background

Integration, progressive evolution, and advancement of UNSC special operations forces (SOF)

Unit size


Subordinate Units
Current Status



The UNSC Progressive Warfare Command (PROGWARCOM)—known in the classified literature as the UNSC Advanced Special Operations Command (ASOC)—is an operational command subsumed by the UNSC Special Operations Command. Conceived in its original format, it was first borne as a UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence command-and-control cell for the operational direction of UNSC Special Forces assets prosecuting classified ONI fieldwork. Later, it evolved into a full-fledged autonomous command of the UNSC Special Operations Command that subordinated under its purview a number of highly classified special operations forces, such as the UNSC Naval Special Commando Unit, High Priority Assassination, and the Myrmidon Program. Nevertheless, it remained closely intimated to the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence, although nominally in the Special Warfare chain-of-command. It is most closely affiliated with the Directorate of Strategic Intelligence and the Directorate of Special Intelligence/Section Three.

It was known formerly at its inception as the Unconventional Warfare Study Section (UWSS) or additionally known as the UNSC Progressive Warfare Division (PROGWARDIV).


It was activated after the closure of the Human-Covenant War as a joint function command of the UNSC Special Operations Command to integrate the UNSC's existing special missions capacities and to develop the next generation of UNSC special operations forces to meet the new external and internal challenges poised by the post-War peace.

After the ceasing of hostilities of the Covenant, it was immediately realized by the UNSC Joint Chiefs of Staff that the UNSC special forces would become the pre-eminent and most requisite and integral component of the UNSC's armed forces.

Order of Battle

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Order of battle, UNSC Progressive Warfare Command circa 2570 and Operation Acrid Gambit.

A highly classified special operations force, its subordinate units included some of the UNSC's most qualified special missions detachments, such as UNSC Special Warfare Group SPARTAN and NAVSPECWAR Six. Its operators would prosecute some of the most sensitive covert actions initiated by Section Three and the UNSC Department of Strategic Intelligence, two of ONI's classified departments.

Behind the Scenes

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