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UNSC Raider class Corvette

The UNSC Raider class Corvette is a Corvette in the employment of the United Nations Space Command Navy. The ship favors the design of the much larger UNSC Frigates, but the Raider classes are designed for hit and fade operations. Much like ONI Prowlers. Hence why they are called the 'Raider' class. They lack significant size to say, take on a Covenant battle cruiser. But in large numbers they can overwhelm a larger target.

The Raider class was officially commisioned on July 2nd 2530. Almost two hundered were constructed, and by the end of the Human-Covenant war, only a total of sixty were left. The most notable Corvette of the series was the UNSC 'Crusader'. The 'Crusader' was one of the two hundered ships constructed, and was commanded by Captain Lyle McCowsky. The 'Crusader' saw many battles during the Human-Covenant war, from Harvest to Miridem, Reach , and the Battle of Earth. It was heavily damaged at Jupiter, when a Covenant Destroyer had torpedoed it, and was hit by pulse laser and plasma fire, it held out as long as possible before Captain McCowsky ordered the crew to abandon ship, and then he left the ship's Artifical Intelligence to pilot the 'Crusader' into the Destroyer, preventing the Covenant from landing more troops on Jupiter.

The Armament for the Raider classes consist of Titanium-A battle plating, 50-MM high explosive point defense guns, the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and over thirty Archer missle pods.

In addition for it's armament, it can hold two Longsword Strike Fighters/Bombers. As well as Pelican dropships, M12 Light Reconniscance Vehicles, and UNSC ground troops.