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UNSC Ramraid
Production information

User:ONI recon 111/Raider-class Carrier


Generation Technology

Modified by

Gen-Tech Mod Systems

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • Expanded RADAR systems
  • Increased Weapon Accuracy
  • Medium-class Shielding
  • Full Gravity


Engine unit(s)
  • Gen-Tech Mk 5.1
  • Gen-Tech Mk-3 slipspace drive
Slipspace Drive


Power output

480'000 Gigawatts per Second

Power plant

Gen-Tech Power Generator Mk 2-960'000 Gigawatts




4 Meters of Titanium grade A armor

Sensor systems

Gen-Tech modified RADAR expansion Mk-2

Targeting systems

Gen-Tech Modified Accuracy of ship-based weapons

Navigation system

Gen-Tech Modified Expanded NAV system


Chaff, Flares

  • 3 Heavy MAC guns
  • 200 Acher Missile Pods
  • 8 Fenris Nuclear Warheads
  • 8 Shiva Nuclear Warheads
  • 200 Point Defense Cannons
  • Warthogs
  • Dragon Gunships
  • Pelican Dropships
  • Longbow Fighters
  • Shortbows
  • Leopard Stealth Tanks
  • Others


Minimum crew


  • 10'000 marines
  • 1000 ODST's
Cargo capacity

7000 total Groud Vehicles, 2800 Spacial

  • 7 Years water
  • 7 Years Food
  • 7 Years Air
Other systems
  • Increased power from engines
  • Drift Control
  • Partial MAC round steering

Assault, Flagship, Transport, Defense, Carrier



Earliest sighting

2576, leaving shipyards for use


Not yet Destroyed


not yet retired

Latest sighting

Operation: FIRESTORM

Present for battles/events



29th Direct Assault Fleet

Known owner(s)
  • Vice Admiral Hector Neilson
  • Gen-Tech
  • UNSC
Known commander(s)

Vice Admiral Hector Neilson

"Chieftain, its going to ram us!"
―brute onboard CCS cruiser near UNSC Ramraid

UNSC Ramraid is a UNSC User:ONI recon 111/Raider-class Carrier|Raider-class Carrier]].


UNSC Ramraid was built in 2576 by Generation Technology in the orbital shipyards above Wevnada. It was gen-Tech's first ever carrier, and it proved to be worth the expense. It is commanded by Vice Admiral Hector Neilson, and is in command of the 29th Direct Assault Fleet.

Battle Log

Battle Of Vertigo

The 29th Direct Assault Fleet dropped in-system respoding to a distress signal. During the ensuing battle, the UNSC lead an assault on the planet to retake it, eventually succeeding.

Operation: FIRESTORM

Ramraid led the assault against the enemy forces, and eventually won the battle in space, and once again, Ramraids ground forces were victorious with those from other ships.

The Sangheilli Insurrection

During 2587, a group of elites lead by an elite named Onsla Pautin decided against the elite council and rebelled. They had 14 fleets and 20'000 troops. During one of many battles against the insurrectionists, the 29th fleet were ambushed on a distant colony. They then went to ground to save the besieged colony. After nearly a year, the UNSC finally won.

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