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Production information

Medium Distroyer

Technical specifications
Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

2.1 ly/per day

Power plant
  • 1 pinch fusion reactor
  • 1 standard fission reactors
  • 4 Main Emergency capacitors
  • Charged Ceramic Armor
  • CCS class shield


Sensor systems
  • Radar
  • Ladar
  • Star tracker spatial alignment system
Navigation system
  • Stellar Cartography
  • astronomic computer
  • 3 decoy launchers
  • Self-Healing Internal Armor
  • anti-torpedo system
  • 2MAC Cannons
  • 1Fission Torpedo Launcher
  • 5 Archer Missile Pods
  • 8 .50 caliber point defense autocannons
  • 5 pelicans
  • 2 albatross
  • 3 clarion spy drones
  • 1 “dumb” AI
  • 40 navy personnel
  • 150 Marines
  • 50 ODSTs
Minimum crew
  • 15 navy personnel
  • 1 AI

2 years of supplies

Year introduced

6 months after The Second Battle of Earth

  • Patrol friendly space
  • Escort larger vessels

slightly post Halo 3



" An un-elagant ship for a savage age"
―Capitan Noble, UNSC Vitality

Just after the battle of earth, earth's fleet consisted of the frigates Aegis Fate and Adriatic and a handful of badly damaged larger ships. Earth needed ships, and fast. The Shadow of Intent was able to repair a destroyer before it left for home. This raised earth's total of fully operable ships to three. But three ships are not enough to defend a planet. One of the few surviving orbital industries were orbital tether foundries one and three and orbital tether assembly frame seven.

An admiral proposed using the materials produced by these to build ships. The results were the Survival-Class, the Remembrance-Class and the Vitality-Class. The Burglar-Class was also related to this series.


Many components for these ships came from wrecked vessels. “Parting out” wreaked vessels sped up the construction of these new ships. The orbital tether assembly frame seven possessed seven assembly trenches, which were converted to docking slips. UNSC Vitality had it's keel laid in


Known Ships

  • UNSC Vitality
  • UNSC Pride
  • UNSC Understanding


"the Remembrance-class is essentially a piece of metal pipe being wildly flung through space. It's hard to fly and inhumane to the crew. "
―Capitan Drake, UNSC Remembrance

"It's real nice to have a ship like (the UNSC Survival) beside you. It's a great morale boost to see it decloak like some sort of Romulan Warbird, blow a Brute frigate apart, and re-cloak "
―Capitan Drake, UNSC Remembrance

"especially when your in a ship that a brute cruiser wouldn't normally raise it's shields for "
―Commander Alkar, UNSC Remembrance (replying to Capitan Drake )