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UNSC Render
Production information

Commodus-class Destroyer


Reyes-McLees Shipyards

Modified by

Generation Technology

Technical specifications

560 metres


180 metres


125 metres

Engine unit(s)
  • 4 Primary drives
  • 4 Secondary drives
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Drive

Power plant

2 Generation Technology Deuterium Fusion Core Reactors




3 metres of Titanium A Battleplate

Navigation system


  • 16 Emergency Thrusters
  • Various electronic countermeasures
  • 16 flare pods
  • 2 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • 32 Oversized Archer Missile Pods
  • 2 Shiva-class Nuclear Missiles
  • 4 Zinko Nuclear Missiles
  • 16x 50mm Dual-Barrelled Point Defense Autocannons
  • 40 SOEIV pods
  • 12 Pelican Dropships
  • 1 'Smart' AI
  • 500 Crewmen and officers
Minimum crew

80 Crewmen and officers

  • 1 marine Battalion
  • 40 ODST's

18 Months

  • Escort
  • Support/Relief
Earliest sighting




Present for battles/events



29th Fleet

Known commander(s)

Captain Yuli


UNSC Render was a Commodus-class Destroyer in the UNSC Navy, and a part of the 29th Fleet.


The Render was the first of the Commodus-class destroyers to be completed, but was soon joined by multiple others and formed into the 29th Fleet. Helmed by Captain Yuli, the destroyer was initially used as an escort for the larger cruisers and carrier within the fleet, but soon became used as an infantry transport, capable of holding a marine battalion, as well as 40 ODST's, with fully equiped SOEIV pods.

UNSC Render served the UNSC from 2564, through to 2578, when it was gutted by Covenant plasma torpedoes fired from an assault carrier during Operation: FIRESTORM. Whilst 7 of the 12 Pelican dropships and the ODST's managed to make it off the wrecked ship, many of the crew were lost when a damaged Covenant corvette collided with the wreckage. Captain Yuli was amongst the many who stayed behind to allow others to escape.

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