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The CMA Roadtown upon completing its initial trials.

UNSC Roadtown
Production information

Tortuga-class destroyer


Byrne Capital Yards

Technical specifications

446.2 meters (1579.1 feet)


Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor

  • Primary thrusters (2)
  • Secondary/emergency thrusters (2)
  • Maneuvering thrusters (10)
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


1.33 meters; later 2.25 m A Titanium A battleplate

Sensor systems
  • Boeing XVII Deep RADAR Array
  • Polyfunctional Detection/Navigational Sensor Array
  • Additional sensor suites
Targeting systems

"Serpentine" Fire Control System

Navigation system

527 (90 skeleton)

  • Escort
  • Heavy patrol
  • Ship-to-ship warfare

CMAflag Colonial Military Administration
UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force

"The alien bastards can't stand against the kiss of death."
―Anonymous Ensign referring to ship-board MAC

The UNSC Roadtown (hull no. DDG-573), colloquially known by its crew as "Lady Cupid," was a medium tonnage, space-faring destroyer of the Tortuga-class.

The warship was originally ordered and operated by the Colonial Military; however, it was later seized and actively deployed by the UNSC Navy before and during the Human-Covenant War. Its fate was sealed by barraging plasma during the opening hours of the Battle of Earth.


The Roadtown was a ship of the line that truly earned a name for itself through a solid reputation as a ship that more than once evaded a fate bound for Death's Cold Chest. While this was more or less gained by a series of coincidental bursts of good fortune, the vessel was nevertheless a cutting edge cocktail of refitted and renovated technical components. One of the more notable improvements and/or changes was the addition of larger cargo bays at the partial sacrifice of naval magazine capacity, a trade-off that was both loathed and heartily welcomed by involved parties.



It's construction was ordered in 2493 and work on the frame began almost immediately at Byrne Capital Yards, a prominent combat shipyard indefinitely orbiting the capital world Taradia. Operations were temporarily aborted after an unescorted convoy of freighters bearing supplies for the colony was attacked by a pirate fleet after passing through a UNSC checkpoint. Despite this and other setbacks, the destroyer was christened as the CMA Roadtown February 14th, 2495 as one of the more capable ships of the CMA Navy.

Upon completion of a two month training and acclamation regimen, the 4th Destroyer Squadron, the Roadtown's semi-indefinite assignment, was ordered to near-frontline duty as a constituent of the UNSC Seventh Fleet. The squadron collected itself at a lonely gas giant orbited by a modest fuel depot before translating thirty lightyears to the desolate colony world Eustatius, the acting forward command center for much of the battle fleet.

UNSC Commandeering; First Combat

After catching a single contraband-carrying smuggler, the CMA Roadtown and the majority of its crew was seized indefinitely by the United Nations Space Command as per ongoing investigations of extensive cooperation between CMA brass and leftist insurgents. The destroyer was almost instantly repurposed into a treason hunter, a term that colloquially refers to naval vessels hunting down pro-rebel personnel.


"Lady Cupid, Roadtown Motown, Dark Love; no matter what you call it, it's mess offers the best grub in all the fleet."
James Corbett

The UNSC Roadtown, along with a varying plethora of crew members, has long been tied to a number of traditions, practices, and superstitions. The oldest, and most popular, is the nickname "Lady Cupid;" this alias was earned due to the fact that the vessel was commissioned on the Fourteenth of February, a date that is often observed as Valentine's Day.

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