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The UNSC Special Warfare Command, better known simply as Special Warfare Command or colloquially as SPECWARCOM, was a subordinate command of the UNSC High Command, along with its sister organizations, the Ground Command and Naval Command. It is responsible for all UNSC special operations.


  • Naval Special Warfare (NAVSPECWAR) - Sometimes known as Naval Special Weapons, Naval Special Warfare is the Navy branch of the Special Warfare Command, responsible for all special operations of the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Ground Special Warfare (GRUSPECWAR) - As the name suggests, Ground Special Warfare is the Ground Command's branch of Special Warfare, responsible for all operations carried out by Army or Air Force Special Operations personnel.
    • Army Ranger Corps (Rangers) -
    • Army Special Forces (SF) -
    • Air Force Pararescue (PJ) -
    • Air Force Combat Control Corps (CCT) -
  • Joint Special Warfare (JOINSPECWAR) - Often simply called SPECWARCOM like the Special Warfare Command itself, Joint Special Warfare is the third major component of the Special Warfare Command, organizing, commanding and deploying special operations units of all branches. The most notable units of JOINSPECWAR is Group Three, mother organization of SPARTAN Team Noble, and SPARTAN-III, the latest iteration of the SPARTAN Program.

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