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Stealth Vessels

Minerva-class Prowler

UNSC Minerva 
Lead ship
UNSC Black Lagoon
UNSC Black Summer
UNSC Fuchikoma
UNSC Idolator
UNSC Kisaragi 
Currently attached to Battlegroup Advent Children.
UNSC Silent Assassin 
Currently attached to Battlegroup Warrior.
UNSC Theron
UNSC Wagner
UNSC Windtalker 
Commanded by Captain Mark Ramious, currently attached to Battlegroup Essex.

Nike-class Strike Prowlers

UNSC Fallen Angel
UNSC Apocalyptica
UNSC Raptor
UNSC Diemos
UNSC Phobos
UNSC Deaths Head
UNSC Vampire
UNSC Ravenwood
UNSC Arsenal

Athena-class Prowler Cruisers

UNSC Athena
UNSC Whisky
UNSC Hail The New Dawn
UNSC Lone Cowboy
UNSC Devil's Hand
UNSC Shadow Art
UNSC Converge
UNSC Azrael

Cydonia-class Attack Prowlers

UNSC Cydonia
UNSC Order
UNSC Hashashim [1]
UNSC Blade In the Crowd [2]

Nyx-class Sloops

UNSC Atryone
UNSC Midnight Fall
UNSC Monument
UNSC Morning Light

Light Vessels

Hermes-class Corvettes

Themis-class Corvette

Tyche-class Fast Attack Corvette

Terminus-class Gunboats

  • UNSC Terminus
  • UNSC Firefox
  • UNSC Crusader
  • UNSC Belgrade
  • UNSC Constrictor
  • UNSC Dominator
  • UNSC Razor
  • UNSC Abyss


Heimdall-class Frigates

Prometheus-class Frigates

Helios-class Heavy Frigate

Sehkmet-class Heavy Frigate

Loki-class Stealth Frigates

Anasi-class Stealth Frigate


Baal-class Destroyers

Pallas-class Destroyers

Enkidu-class Destroyers

Raijin-class Destroyers

Tereus-class Escort Destroyers

Mimir-class Escort Destroyers


Horus-class Light Cruisers

Sekhmet-class Light Cruiser

Thor-class Cruisers

Nemesis-class Cruisers

Artemis-class Cruisers

Victoria-class Heavy Cruisers

Anubis-class Heavy Cruisers

Ares-class Battlecruisers

Hades-class Battlecruisers

Poseidon-class Battlecruisers

Gilgamesh-class Battlecruisers

Bishamonten-class Large Cruisers

Týr-class Large Cruisers

Kali-class Large Cruisers

Apollo-class Large Cruisers

Bellona-class Large Command Cruisers

Vishnu-class Large Command Cruisers


Ra-class Assault Ships

Jade-class Light Carriers

Huang-di-class Light Carriers

Isis-class Light Cruiser-Carriers

Sobek-class Light Cruiser-Carriers

Amaterasu-class Cruiser-Carriers

Tsukuyomi-class Cruiser-Carriers

Odin-class Carriers

Freya-class Carriers

Apophis-class Heavy Carriers

Neith-class Heavy Carriers

Hera-class Attack Carriers

  • UNSC Hera
  • UNSC Typhoon
  • UNSC Delphinus
  • UNSC Hornet
  • UNSC Armoured Core
  • UNSC Blue Dragon
  • UNSC Bushido
  • UNSC Dark Warrior
  • UNSC Baltic Sea

Izanami-class Attack Carriers

Shiva-class Attack Carriers

Zeus-class Super Carriers

Izanagi-class Super Carriers

  • UNSC Izanagi
  • UNSC Freya
  • UNSC Catcher in the Rye[19]
  • UNSC Slammer
  • UNSC Labourer
  • UNSC Coalition
  • UNSC Dark Spire
  • UNSC Advari
  • UNSC Belligerent
  • UNSC Tricky Bastard

Brahma-class Super Carriers

Quetzalcoatl-class Ultra Carriers

Tiamat-class Ultra Carriers

Amun Ra-class Ultra Carriers


Osiris-class Battleships

Triton-class Battleships

Ragnarök-class Dreadnaughts

Aesir-class Dreadnaughts

Olympian-class Dreadnaughts

Support Ships

Atlas-class Troop Carriers

Vulcan-class Repair Ships

Cronus-class Agriculture Ships

Asclepius-class Hospital Ships

Harmonia-class Cargo ships

Gigantes-class Tugs



Vigilant-class Stealth Corvette

  • USR Vigilant
  • USR Prudent
  • USR Ever on Guard
  • USR Alert
  • USR Observant
  • USR Attentive

Watchman-class Gunboat

  • USR Watchman
  • USR Sentry
  • USR Sentinel
  • USR Watch and Wait
  • USR Revealing Truth

Messenger-class Corvette

  • USR Messenger
  • USR Courier
  • USR Bearer of Tidings
  • USR Emissary
  • USR Prodigy

Guardian-class Frigate

  • USR Guardian
  • USR Protector
  • USR Defender
  • USR Preserver
  • USR Escort
  • USR Patrol

Hit Man-class Stealth Frigate

Templar-class Destroyer

  • USR Templar
  • USR Acolyte
  • USR Initiate
  • USR Holy Warrior
  • USR Temperance and Abandon]

Assassin-class Destroyer

  • USR Assassin
  • USR Slayer
  • USR Murder
  • USR Liquidation
  • USR Deathly Silence[27]
  • USR Due to Die

Hunter-class Light Cruiser

  • USR Hunter
  • USR Enlightened Fire
  • USR Guiding Spirit
  • USR Honorable Intentions
  • USR End of Tyranny

Penance-class Cruiser

  • USR Penance
  • USR Long Night
  • USR Light of Prevalence
  • USR Heart of Allegiance
  • USR Howling Void

Retribution-class Battlecruiser

Reverence-class Grand Cruiser

  • USR Reverence
  • USR Spear of Judgement
  • USR Harbinger
  • USR Faith and Misery
  • USR Hope and Patience

Relentless-class Super Cruiser

Vendetta-class Assault Ship

Storm-class Light Carrier

Dominator-class Carrier

  • USR Dominator
  • USR Ruler
  • USR Superior
  • USR Outstanding
  • USR Unlimited Power

Venerator-class Assault Carrier

Redoubtable-class Super Carrier

Aggressor-class Battleship

  • USR Aggressor
  • USR Fighting Spirit
  • USR Boldness
  • USR Zealous
  • USR Aggressive Negotiations

Sangheilios-class Dreadnaught

Burden-class Troop Carrier

  • USR Burden
  • USR Anxious
  • USR Obligation
  • USR Maximum Strain

Foundry-class Repair Ship

Bountiful-class Agriculture Ship

  • USR Bountiful
  • USR Lavish
  • USR Munificent
  • USR Benevolent One
  • USR Endless Supplies

Tender-class Hospital Ship

Dutiful-class Cargo Ship

  • USR Dutiful
  • USR Diligent
  • USR Faithful
  • USR Loyalty and Obedience
  • USR Never Careless

Jiralhanae Alliance

Urbanus-class Stealth Corvette

Philologus-class Frigate

  • JA Philologus
  • JA Backstabber

Quartus-class Battle Frigate

  • JA Quartus
  • JA Blasphemy

Erastus-class Destroyer

Hyacinthus-class Heavy Destroyer

  • JA Hyacinthus
  • JA Woe and Dismay

Antipus-class Defensive Destroyer

  • JA Antipus

Honorius-class Light Cruiser

  • JA Honorius

Herodotus-class Cruiser

  • JA Herodotus

Darius-class Battlecruiser

  • JA Darius

Maccabeus-class Cruiser

  • JA Maccabeus

Pontius-class Supercruiser

Linus-class Shock Carrier

  • JA Linus
  • JA Chieftain
  • JA Iron Fist

Antonius-class Carrier

  • JA Antonius

Augustus-class Assault Carrier

  • JA Augustus
  • JA Warial

Leviticus-class Supercarrier

Marius-class Battleship

  • JA Marius
  • JA Pestilence
  • JA Famine
  • JA War
  • JA Death

Gauius-class Dreadnaught

  • JA Gauius
  • JA Apocalypse
  • JA Red Dragon
  • JA Seventh Seal
  • JA Lord of Babylon

Rufus-class Support Ship

  • JA Rufus
  • JA Wormwood

Erebus-class Cannon Ship

  • JA Erebus
  • JA Resolution of Valor
  • JA Sacred Wisdom

Tartarus-class Assault Cruiser

Kig-Yar Regime

Machina Federation

Plainsfier Tribes

Lexicon-class Scout Vessel

  • PT Lexicon

Custodian-class Frigate

PT Custodian
PT Crimson Avenger
PT Soul of Ker'enna
PT Navila
PT Star Shadow
PT Scarlet Sword
PT Blackened Heart
PT Kumontai

Poacher-class Destroyer

  • PT Poacher

Nimrod-class Destroyer

  • PT Nimrod

Lancer-class Light Cruiser

  • PT Lancer

Bastion-class Carrier

  • PT Bastion

Honour-class Battlecruiser

  • PT Honour

Duelist-class Heavy Cruiser

  • PT Duelist

Marauder-class Light Carrier

  • PT Marauder

Gauntlet-class Carrier

  • PT Gauntlet

Nomad-class Super Carriers

  • PT Nomad

Victor-class Assault Carrier

  • PT Victor

Valiant-class Battleship

  • PT Valiant

Invincible-class Dreadnaught

  • PT Invincible

Vorenus Imperium

Speculatore-class Stealth Corvette

Vigiles-class Gunboat

Explorator-class Corvette

Legionaire-class Frigate

Hastatus-class Battle Frigate

Princeps-class Destroyer

Triarius-class Heavy Destroyer

Equite-class Light Cruiser

Centurion-class Cruiser

Primus-class Battle Cruiser

Praefect-class Heavy Cruiser

Velite-class Light Carrier

Optio-class Carrier

Aquila-class Assault Carrier

Tribune-class Super Carrier

Legate-class Battleship

Consul-class Dreadnought

Carrus-class Troop Carrier

Lignarius-class Repair Ship

Agricola-class Agriculture Ship

Medicus-class Hospital Ship

Cursor-class Cargo Ship

Munifex-class Tug

The Enclave

Necros Swarm

Cerberus-class Gunboat

  • Necros Cerberus

Chimera-class Corvette

  • Necros Chimera

Imp-class Stealth Corvette

  • Necros Imp

Legion-class Frigate

  • Necros Legion
  • Necros Shadow of Despair

Hydra-class Destroyer

  • Necros Hydra

Fenrir-class Light Cruiser

  • Necros Fenrir

Manticore-class Cruiser

  • Necros Manticore

Jörmungandr-class Battle Cruiser

  • Necros Jormungandr

Ziz-class Supercruiser

  • Necros Ziz

Gorgon-class Assault Ship

  • Necros Gorgon

Kraken-class Carrier

  • Necros Kraken

Bahamut-class Assault Carrier

  • Necros Bahamut

Leviathan-class Super Carrier

  • Necros Leviathan

Abbadon-class Battleship

  • Necros Abbadon

Behemoth-class Dreadnought

  • Necros Behemoth

Jehovah-class Super Dreadnought

  • Necros Jehovah
  • Necros The Thing That Should Not Be[31]

Pandora-class Troop Carrier

  • Necros Pandora

Architect-class Repair Vessel

  • Necros Architect

Proginator-class Factory Ship

  • Necros Proginator

Slaughterhouse-class Conversion Ship

  • Necros Slaughterhouse

Abattoir-class Food Production Ship

  • Necros Abattoir

Cattle-class Prisoner Transport

  • Necros Cattle

Mule-class Cargo Transport

  • Necros Mule


  1. a reference to the medieval Islamic sect, the Hashashim, also known as the Assassins.
  2. a reference to a quote from the video game Assassin's Creed.
  3. Reference to A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by William Shakespeare
  4. Named for the Canadian beach in the Normandy/D-Day landings in World War II
  5. Named for a fortified position taken by U.S. Army Rangers during the Normandy landings of WWII
  6. Named for one of the American beaches in the Normandy/D-Day landings in World War II. Also an indirect reference to Omaha, Nebraska.
  7. Named for one of the American beaches in the Normandy/D-Day landings in World War II, also an indirect reference to the U.S. state of Utah
  8. A composite of the two British beaches in the Normandy/D-Day landings in World War II, Gold and Sword
  9. Reference to the WWII U.S. aircraft carrier USS Enterprise
  10. Named for a song about the Normandy/D-Day landings in World War II by Swedish power metal band Sabaton, in Latin, the name means "First Victory.
  11. Named for a WWII-era German anti-aircraft gun
  12. Named for the 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun, a weapon commonly mounted on WWII-era U.S. warships
  13. Named for a WWII-era German anti-aircraft gun
  14. Named for the U.S. M42 Duster anti-aircraft tank
  15. Named for the modern-day Phalanx CIWS (close-in weapons system), a 20mm anti-aircraft and anti-missile Gatling gun on U.S. and allied warships
  16. Named for the modern-day Russian Tunguska anti-aircraft tank, armed twin 30mm cannons and SAMs. Indirect reference to the Tunguska Fireball of 1905, where a meteorite exploded over Siberia.
  17. Named for the 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun, a weapon commonly mounted on WWII-era U.S. warships
  18. A reference to the first phrase spoken in the Human-Covenant War
  19. Named for the famous book of the same name
  20. Named for the Mesoamerican god, Quetzalcoatl
  21. Named for a little known Canadian post-WWII light carrier (renamed as an Ultra Carrier as "very inside joke"
  22. The name is a dual meaning, referring to the WWII admiral Chester Nimitz and the modern-day aircraft carrier USS Nimitz
  23. Named for the Battle of Iwo Jima in WWII
  24. Named for the Battle of Dieppe in WWII, unusual in that is named as a memorial to the fallen in a major Allied defeat, rather than for an Allied victory like other vessels named for WWII battles
  25. Named for the ancient Aztec capital of the same name
  26. Named for Lord Hood of the Human-Covenant War
  27. The ship was originally called the USR Silenty Yet Deadly, but was which when Spartan-091 caught the unintentional (and crude) reference in that name
  28. A reference to Halo Fanon Wiki founder RelentlessRecusant
  29. Translation of the Japanese word kamikaze, used to describe both a typhoon that saved Japan from a 12th-century Mongol invasion fleet and a Japanese suicide bomber unit that crashed their planes in American ships near the end of WWII
  30. Reference to the location in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series
  31. Named for the song of the same name by the heavy metal band, Metallica

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