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The UNSC mounts a number of heavy weapons on their vehicles, giving them a wide range of tactical flexibility and firepower.


M11 Light Automatic Cannon

The M11 is a simple weapon, often deployed as a tripod mounted squad support/defensive weapon, that uses 25mm shells. It is gas operated and belt fed, drawing ammo in from an attached tin, drum or belt. Though less capable of the armor penetration possible with the 90mm AT gun on the Scorpion, or the M68 Gauss Gun found on the M12G1 LAAV, it does have effective light anti armor and anti infantry properties, being able to kill even shielded Covenant units in a shot. The M11 has a wide number of shells that provide extra versalitiy to an already effective gun: an HE Shell (used in anti infantry operations), an Incendiary Shell (used in anti infantry, anti vehicle (open) and anti infatry in wooded or forested area operations), an AP Shell (used in anti vehicle operations), a Sabot Discarding (used in anti vehicle operations), and an AP-HE Shell (a commonly used dual purpose shell)

M638 Automatic Cannon

The M638 Autocannon is a self-loading, 20mm chaingun. It is used as the nose gun on the D-77I Pelican and as two forward point defence guns on the Tortoise and the turret on the Whale and Dolphin landing vehicles.

M1024 Automatic Cannon

The M1024 Autocannon, also called the Misriah Gun, is a self-loading, 30mm chaingun. It is usually found on light and medium vehicles which is used in a anti-infantry or engaging light vehicles.

M309 Automatic Cannon

The M309 Autocannon is a self-loading, 40mm autocannon chaingun, used as a anti aircraft gun.

M891 Heavy Automatic Cannon

The M891 Automatic Cannon is a 70mm chaingun, the largest chaingun used by the UNSC.

Vehicle Mounted Machine Guns

M780B Machine Gun

The M780 MG is a multi-barrelled 6.8mm minigun that utilises caseless rounds.

AIE-486I Heavy Machine Gun

The AIE-486I HMG is a 7.62mm multi-barrelled machine gun used to engage infantry, light armour and aircraft.

M41B Light Anti Aircraft Gun

The M41B LAAG is a improved version of the M41 LAAG, using a small plasma core battery over the previous hydrogen-electric battery. It can operate for longer, at higher speeds, meaning it has a higher rate of fire. It also has the setting for it to be set to whir up so it can be ready to fire when necessary. Using new metallurgic techniques the barrels can last for years without changing, allowing for near continuous fire.

M247H2 Heavy Machine Gun

The M247H2 HMG fires the same high power 12.7mm AP round as the M41 LAAG but lacks the rotary barrels to its rate of fire is lower. It is cooled by liquid coolants and has an advance barrel that does not need regular changing, allowing for continuous fire.

M780B Machine Gun

Gauss Guns

M68A2 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor

M68A2 Gauss Cannon is a improved version of the M68 of the Human-Covenant War. It uses a advance plasma core, frictionless barrel lining and cryogenic gas cooling system to maintain maximum operation power. It has a drum of 12 rounds in a rotary spring loader. It can operate for longer than the M68. It fires 25mm slugs. This was laer replaced by the M68B ALIM.

M76 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor

The M76 Gauss Gun uses 30mm slugs and a high velocity gun that greatly increases its armour penetration. It is loaded in clips of three slugs and it uses a advance plasma core, frictionless barrel lining and cryogenic gas cooling system to maintain maximum operation power. This was replaced by the M76A ALIM.

M85 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor

The M85 Gauss Gun uses 90mm slugs that greatly increases its armour penetration. It is capable of penetrating most tank armour and is breech loaded. It uses a advance plasma core, frictionless barrel lining and cryogenic gas cooling system to maintain maximum operation power. This was replaced by the M85A ALIM.

M94 Gauss Gun

The M94 Gauss Gun is a massive weapon mounted only on the Mako-class Frigate and the M1000 Tiger Heavy Battle Tank. The M94 is a breech loaded Gauss Gun that fires 120mm slugs capable of penetrating all but the very heaviest armor and fortification. It uses a advance plasma core, frictionless barrel lining and cryogenic gas cooling system to maintain maximum operation power. This was replaced by the M94A ALIM.

Rail Guns

M204 Railgun

The M204 Railgun is a 10mm railgun used on some light aircraft as a close in weapon

XM299 Railgun

The XM299 is a 10mm railgun with rapid fire capabilities that replaced the M204

XM300 30mm Railgun

The XM300 Railgun is a automatic 30mm railgun that replaced many 30mm autocannons in service


The M288 railgun is a 40mm railgun used as an anti-aircraft weapon


The XM301 is a 40mm automatic rail gun used on anti-aircraft vehicles.


M512 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon

The M512 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon 90mm cannon is the standard of the UNSC, with it being the primary cannon of the Scorpion MBT. It is a powerful smoothbore high velocity cannon.

M567 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon

The M567 SBHV Cannon is a enlarged and longer vesion of the 90mm cannon for anti tank duty.

M588 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon

The M588 SBHV Cannon is a 120mm gun that replaced the 105mm gun in service.

M234 Howitzer

The M234 Howitzer is a 155mm Cannon that is used as an artillery gun, both standalone and on armoured chassis.

Special Vehicle Mounted Weapons

M579 Canister Gun

The Canister gun is a 150mm cannon utilising multi-purpose canister shells for a wide variety of purposes, against armour, infantry and buildings.

M689 Rocket Mortar

The Rocket mortar uses a 350mm rocket propelled mortar to cause severe damage against a single hardened obstacle or multiple exposed infantry units or light armour.

Rotary Cannons

M45 Rotary Cannon

The M45 is a caseless 20mm, six barrelled automatic cannon used on a variety of vehicles and aircraft.

M701 Rotary Cannon

The M701 is a caseless 30mm, six barrelled automatic cannon used as both an anti-infantry and anti-armour weapon.

Individual and Crew Served Weaponry of the UNSCDF

Assault Rifles

MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System | M2A Carbine

Battle Rifle

M55C Enhanced Battle Rifle | M396 Designated Marksman Rifle

Machine Guns

M397 Individual Automatic Rifle | M739C Squad Automatic Weapon | M122 Light Machine Gun | M247B2 General Purpose Machine Gun | M247H2 Heavy Machine Gun | M343A3 Heavy Machine Gun | M780 Special Purpose Machine Gun

Submachine Guns

M20A Submachine Gun | M12 Special Operations Carbine


M45F Close Assault Weapon System | M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System | M77 Extreme Close Quarters Combat System

Sniper Rifles

M113 Scout Rifle System | M1091 Sniper Rifle System | Sniper Rifle System 99G-S6 Anti-Materiel | Sniper Rifle System 99S-S6 Signature-Suppressed Anti-Materiel | Sniper Rifle System 40A-O Anti-Materiel/Anti-Vehicle | M99CA1 Special Application Scoped Rifle


M6L Personal Defence Weapon System | M57 Pistol

Energy Weapons

Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6B Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle | MX4 Light Support Weapon | MX12 Directed Ion Energy Rifle | M921 ARC

Non-Lethal Weapon

M2 Threat-Negation Device | MX9 Pulsed Energy Projectile System | M39 Long Range Tranquillizer Rifle

Missile and Rocket Launchers

M41B2 Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon | M899 Light Anti Armour Weapon | M57 Light Multipurpose Assault Weapon | M1 Multiple Launch Rocket System | M25 Underslung Rocket Launcher

Grenade Launchers

M319N Individual Grenade Launcher | M23 Multiple Grenade Launcher | M363B RPD | M556 Counter Defilade Grenade Launcher | M460C Automatic Grenade Launcher | M24 Underslung Grenade Launcher | M556 Counter Defilade Grenade Launcher | M26 Grenade Launcher Module


M71 Mortar | M78 Mortar | M81 Mortar


M117 Light-Weight Field Howitzer

Sentry Guns

M55 GUARD DOG Sentry Gun | M601 GARGOYLE Sentry Gun


M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade | M2 Anti-Materiel Grenade | M70 Flash Bang Grenade | M43 Smoke Grenade

Anti-Personnel and Anti-Armour Mines

M320 Anti-Tank Mine | M341 Anti-Tank Mine | M362 Anti-Tank Mine | M121 Bounding Anti-Personnel Mine | M127 Anti-Personnel Mine

Explosive Devices

C-7 Foaming Explosive | C-13 Gertex | C-14 Plastic Explosive | C-15 Liquid Explosive | M303 Thermite Cord | M311 Detonation Cord | M382 Special Munition Attack Charge (Kinetic) | M390 Breaching Charge | M394 Clearance Charge | M404 Special Lightweight Attack Munition | M366 Demolition Charge | M376 Satchel Charge | M379 Explosive Pack

Angel Arm Specialties

Angel Arm Special 33 | Angel Arm Cutlass