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UNSC Vulcan's Hammer
Vulcan's Hammer
Production information



Reach Yards

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Twin Fusion Drives




30 cm of Titanium A

  • Archer Missile Pods
  • 1 Light MAC Gun
  • 1 Shiva Nuclear Missile

The UNSC Vulcan's Hammer was a Mako-class Corvette in service until 2552, when it was destroyed in the Battle of the Kamos System by Covenant pulse laser fire.



The UNSC Vulcan's Hammer was a warship constructed over Reach in 2547. It's construction was somewhat unorthodox, with many of the parts being made in other systems, and this prolonged the construction of the small ship until 2550.

Service Life

In 2550, the UNSC Vulcan's Hammer was finished, and it was fieled immediatly. The ship took part in half a dozen battles, including Sigma Octanus, before it was heavily damaged while on patrol by Seraph fighters and was forced back to Reach for repairs. Over Reach, the ship was repaired, but it was unable to ever go back to the front. In august of 2552, the Vulcan's Hammer was on track to be pressed back into service, but Reach fell under attack. During the battle, the Vulcan's Hammer worked closely with the UNSC Apollo, and the two ships fought fiercly until the final MAC gun was destroyed. Then, with no other option, they reluctantly fled the system.

The two ships then fled to the Eagle Nebula, where they had spotted Taskforce Avenger fleeing too. However, when they arrived, they found only wreckage. But, there was a twist. In the destroyed hulk of a Covenant dropship, a team of SPARTANs, SPARTAN-458 leading them, had stowed away. The two ships rescued them, and with the idea of the SPARTANs, engineered a trap for Covenant forces. They placed a NOVA bomb, salvaged from Reach, in the dropship's hull, and activated it's homing beacon.

The Vulcan's Hammer and the Apollo then slipped to the Kamos system, the suspected outbound vector of the only surving ship of Taskforce Avenger, the UNSC Deadalis. They arrived in the system just in the nick of time--the Deadalis was crippled and drifting towards the planet of the system. The Apollo sent over engineers, which helped get the ship under it's own power, then sent teams to the surface to gather materials to restock the Deadalis.

After several hours of repair, the human forces were attacked by a Covenant ship. The Apollo sent additional forces to the ground, then the three ships engaged the Covenant ship. The human ships performed a charge, and Deadalis was hit by a plasma torpedo, though it survived. The Vulcan's Hammer in the front of the charge, but without large armament, it was unable to severly damage the Covenant CCS-class cruiser, and was then destroyed by pulse laser fire from the covenant ship.