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The following is a list of weapon modifications available to be used on UNSC weapons during the Saulosian campaign, along with a brief overview of their capabilities.

Scopes and Reflex SightsEdit

Red Dot SightEdit

Red dot

The basic red dot sight.

The red dot sight is one of the most basic reflex sights. Offering no telescopic capabilities, it merely increases the user's accuracy by projecting a red dot onto the target. Due to its small size and lack of telescopic capabilities, it is best utilized with a sub-machine gun or shotgun.

Red Point SightEdit


Red point.

While still only projecting a red dot onto a target, the red point sight offers an advantage in telescopic capabilities over the red dot and can be manipulated to more properly sight-in a weapon, making it a better choice for longarms such as rifles and carbines.

ACOG Reflex SightEdit


ACOG sight.

The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, ACOG for short, offers telescopic abilities well beyond those of the two previous sights. Used mainly by marksmen and some snipers, the ACOG sight projects a red dot at the center of a red-orange crosshairs onto a target. This, combined with its increased telescopic capabilities, makes it an imperative for riflemen engaging hostiles at range.

Sniper ScopeEdit

Sniper Scope

Sniper scope.

The sniper scope is the standard scope for all UNSC sniper rifles, although servicepeople may switch these out at their discretion. Offering telescopic capabilities up to 20x zoom, sniper scopes often contain built-in computer suites to calibrate the sight for wind and other factors, and may even project a weapon status into the user's HUD, such as rounds left in weapon.

Thermal SightsEdit

Thermal sight

Thermal-equipped ACOG sight.

While not really a separate type of scope, a thermal sight is simply a standard sight, such as the ACOG sight pictured to the left, that has been modified to display a thermal image as well as the crosshairs or dot. These sights are often used by UNSC special forces operators, or by forces operating in wooded areas or other locales where it would be easy for an enemy to camouflage him- or herself.

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