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General Information



5 Andromedae System


Taranis (5 Andromedae)

Orbital Characteristics
Orbital Period

316 days

Tropical Month


  • Étaín
  • Ailill
  • Ulaid
Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area


Equatorial Surface Gravity


  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Water vapour

Ulster (or 5 Andromedae c) was an outer colony of the Unified Earth Government. As the name suggests, most of the early settlers were Irish in origin, though people from other British nations were also common. The planet had three satellites; Étaín, Ailill and Ulaid, of which the first was the only one to also support a civilian population, while the other two only supported bases and outposts of the Colonial Military Administration, as well as a small team of scientists in Ulaid's case.

The colony was considered little more than a minor settlement in the middle of nowhere - hosting a population of a mere 350,000 people - and as such the United Nations Space Command was satisfied with letting the CMA and its civilian equivalent, the Colonial Administration Authority, manage it and its satellites, even after the outbreak of the Human-Covenant War. Due to the lack of a UNSC presence in the system, the colony was easily glassed by the Covenant upon its discovery by the alien empire in January 2531, though one of the moons - Ulaid - was spared and instead taken over by the Covenant, in the hope of excavating Forerunner artifacts.

A couple of years later, the Covert Operations Group dispatched a contingent from the Delta-4 Division, including the Leonidan operative Laszlo-108, to discover the purpose of the Covenant's excavation efforts. Though what exactly the Covenant hoped to find remained unknown, the human group managed to sabotage the effort by destroying most of the excavation machines and walkers.

Ulster was home to two notable persons of the UNSC Defense Force; Colonel Kristi Johansen of the Special Warfare Command and the Office of Naval Intelligence, and Bonnie-A261, an Alpha Company SPARTAN-III candidate.

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