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Ultimate Transcendence
Production information

CPV-class Heavy Destroyer



Modified by

Brutes, Covenant Remnants (Necros)

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • 2 extra plasma torpedo launchers
  • Extra layer of defensive alloy
  • Upgraded reactor systems (allowing for 50% more use than regular CPV-Class Destroyers)

1500 meters


300 meters


150 meters

Engine unit(s)

Sublight Propulsion Unit

Slipspace Drive

Aether Mk. 9

Slipspace velocity

1.2 ly/per day

Power output

750,000 giggawats

Power plant

Plasma Reactors


Grade-4 Starcraft Shield System


Covenant Defensive Alloy CDA-X4

Sensor systems

Covenant Military Sensor Array

Targeting systems

Covenant Military Targeting System

Navigation system

Covenant Military Navigation System


Standard Covenant Countermeasures

  • Pulse Laser Turrets (8)
  • Lateral Plasma Torpedo Tubes (6)
  • Energy Projector (1)
Other systems

Covenant Slipspace Transition Improvement System


Heavy Destoryer

Earliest sighting

Battle of Harvest

Latest sighting

Battle of Kanna

Present for battles/events

Battle of Kanna, various others


Covenant, Covenant Remnants


Fleet of Ultimate Transcendence

Known owner(s)

Zorenus, Covenant, Covenant Remnants

Known crewmembers

Zorenus, Fawaf

Known commander(s)




The Penance-class Heavy Destroyer, or UNSC designation: CPV-Class Covenant Destroyer, the Ultimate Transcendence was a Covenant than later Covenant Remnant heavy destroyer that has been in service since over twenty years before the events of the Human-Covenant War. It served the Covenant Empire for years, fighting in many major engagements against UNSC Space Forces including the Second Battle of Harvest, the Battle of Jericho VII, the Battles of Earth, and over fifteen more engagements, accouting for more than twenty-five kills overall. During the Great Schism, the Covenant Remnants took control of the vessel, and it has served them ever since. The last battle of ship participated in was the Battle of Kanna, in which it had two kills. During that battle, when the ship's commander, a Brute named Zorenus was taken prisoner during a ground action, and the vessel's whearabouts are currently unknown, and it was last spotted fleeing from the carnage above Kanna.

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