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Production information

Ultra Light Attack Vehicle

Technical specifications

Light titanium alluminide armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • Smoke dischargers
  • HMG (2)
  • Driver
  • Light recon Vehicle
  • Fast Attack Vehicle

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Ultra Light Attack Vehicle-II Scout is a Vorenus Imperium Ultra Light Attack Vehicle.


The Scout is built for use as a one-man recon vehicle, similar to the USR Ghost. The Scout's body is aerodynamically shaped, looking to be vaguely tear-drop shaped. In the rear of the body is an open driver's cab with a roll cage above the driver to provide some protecton to the operator if the vehicle rolls over, lands from a jump upside-down, or if the cab is broken off of the vehicle and is sent rolling, by enemy fire, for instance. To either side of the body are two lift fan hover engines, capable of causing the vehicle to hover a few feet in the air in a similar manner to a USR vehicle. The main armament of the Scout consists of two heavy machine gun, for use against infantry and light vehicles. The Scout's light armament and armor makes it useless against anything heavier. In addition to using the machine guns, some Scout drivers use the vehicle's speed as a weapon, running down enemy infantry.

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