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Unggoy Revolution


Covenant Civil War


The Ark


Unggoy defeat


Unggoy Secessionists

Covenant Separatists


The Unggoy Revolution, also known as the Second Unggoy Rebellion, is the battle at the end of the Great War in which a faction of Unggoy attempted to secede from the Covenant and Covenant Separatists. The Revolution was instigated by the Unggoy named Jitji, who built from the earlier efforts of his ancestor Rajua, believed to have conducted the failed "First" Unggoy Rebellion. The Unggoy Revolution was a moderate success, a small percentage of the faction surviving to gain political secession in the years to come. The majority of the rebels were either killed or surrendered after their leaders were killed by Separatist forces working in conjunction with human Insurrectionists.


Unggoy Secessionists

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