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Unggoy Seperatist
Political information

Dadak Yiyip

Executive branch

Head of the High Council

Legislative branch

Unggoy High Council

Judicial branch

Unggoy Judicial Council

Societal information

City New Balaho, New Balaho

Official language

Covenant language


Unggoy Credits

State religious body


Historical information
Formed from

Grunt rebels who escaped to New Balaho

Date of establishment

Grunt Rebellion



The Unggoy Seperatists was started by a group of about 1000000 Grunts that hijacked a Covenant Spacecraft Support installation, the Divine Trancendence (a space station similar to the Unyielding Hierophant) during the Grunt Rebellion. The Grunt hijackers spent many years locating a suitable planet to colonize. After many years, they discovered a planet with a methane rich atmosphere and no indiginous intelligent life, which they nomed New Balaho and colonized. By 2550, the Unggoy Seperatists had grown in population to several billion, due the Grunt's rapid breeding. In 2552, a fleet of Covenant Loyalist ships made a blind slipspace jump in an attempt to escape a combined UNSC-Covenant Loyalist fleet. The Brute ships exited slipspace near New Balaho, quickly followed by their pursuers. The Brutes soon realized they had accidentely discoverd the homeworld of those Grunts that had not been re-absorbed during the Grunt Rebellion. The Unggoy fleet of over 300 warships engaged the Brute ships, causing heavy damage due to the fact that the Unggoy had improved their warship's armament over the typical Covenant warships and that most of the Covenant Loyalist Grunts mutinied and joined the Unggoy Seperatists. Upon seeing the Unggoy ships attacking the Brute fleet, the UNSC and Covenant Loyalists allied themselves with the Unggoy Seperatists, who agreed to the alliance, though they were at first naturally suspicious of the Elites. Together with the UNSC and Covenant Seperatists, the Unggoy Seperatists defeated the Brute fleet and the army the Brutes had landed on the surface of New Balaho. The alliance with the UNSC and Covenant Seperatists was formalized shortly after the Covenant Civil War in 2553


The Unggoy Seperatists obviously do not have a caste system like the Covenant, as that is exactly what they fought to escape in the Grunt Rebellion. The Unngoy Seperatists also differ from the Unggoy under the rule of the Covenant in that they have last names, which Grunt families gave themselves shortly after the mutiny aboard the Divine Transendence. The Grunts last names sound similar to Grunt first names, for example, the commander of Unggoy Seperatist forces during the Battle of New Balaho was named Dadak Yiyip.

Military/ Technology

The Unggoy Seperatists managed to capture examples of most common Covenant weapons and vehicles aboard the Divine Transendence, as well as about 300 capital ships. Many Unggoy Seperatist weapons are modified for easier use by Grunts. The Unggoy Seperatists knew that one day the Covenant might find them, and that they had to modify their weapons not only for easier use by Grunts, but also for superior firepower to counter the superior strength of Elites and Brutes. This necessity resulted in the creation of such vehicles and weapons as the under-barrel plasma grenade launcher on the Unggoy Carbine, A Wraith armed with a pulse laser instead of the usual plasma mortar, and higher yield plasma charges.


Infantry Weapons, with modifications

  • Plasma Pistol- no major differences from original, but no longer standard issue
  • Plasma Rifle- no major differences, one of two standard issue Unggoy seperatist weapons
  • Needler - no major modifications, other standard issue weapon
  • Unggoy Carbine- shorter version of Covenant Carbine, plasma grenade launcher under barrel
  • Beam Rifle- shorter barrel
  • Fuel Rod Cannon- no major changes
  • Plasma SAW- light plasma turret (Halo 2 version) with bipod instead of standard mounting
  • Energy Sword- shorter blade, mostly ceremonial
  • Plasma Grenade- no major changes
  • Multi-Plasma Grenade Launcher- plasma grenade launcher with 6 round drum
  • Light High Speed Plasma Missile Launcher- a six barreled weapon similar to human rocket launcher. The increased ammo comes at a price: the small size of the missiles (25mm in diameter) means that they do considerably less damage than a UNSC rocket.


  • Ghost- no changes, but variant with one plasma cannon replaced by fuel rod gun.
  • Spectre- turret and driver's seat lowered for easier use by Grunts, variants: plasma autocannon, fuel rod cannon
  • Wraith- control surfaces lowered for use by Grunts, variants: Plasma Mortar, AA Fuel Rod autocannon orHigh Speed Plasma Missile launcher, pulse laser
  • Banshee- cockpit modified for a Grunt pilot, round canopy , pilot seated rather than on stomach, light High Speed Plasma Missile launcher in each wing root
  • Spirit- pilot seat and control surfaces lowered, doorguns in each troop bay, can carry plasma charge or Plasma Missile under each prong
  • Phantom- pilot seat and control surfaces lowered, can carry plasma charges or High Speed Plasma Missiles
  • Seraph- pilot seat and control surfaces lowered, carries High Speed Plasma Missiles.
  • Scarab- driver's seat and control surfaces lowered, looks similar to Halo 2 Scarab, but carries two fuel rod autocannons for air defense instead of plasma cannons, more powerful main pulse laser
  • Capital Ships- lowered control surfaces, plasma torpedos replaced with with High Speed Plasma Missiles, light capital ships such as destroyers now have lighter versions of the energy projectors