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Unggoy holdouts
Political information
Type of government

Temporary coalition government

  • Oligarchy
Head of State

Chieftain or tribe master

Head of Government

The Assembly

Societal information
Official language

Sangheian Common, UNSC Fleet Common, various native Unggoy languages


"We survived so we may save."

Historical information
Formed from

roughly 2538

Date of reorganization



Unggoy holdouts were Unggoy soldiers formerly of the Covenant who had been abandoned by their invading fleets following a Human world's destruction. Built up of thousands of loosely organized clans and tribes, the Unggoy holdouts were formed with either the mutual idea of basic survival, to even the out-right rebellion of Covenant virtues and a surrender to the UNSC side. The holdouts were largely unknown about throughout the war by either side, the UNSC having left their own destroyed worlds far the earlier and the Covenant Fleets having expecting them to have their abandoned to have died. Nevertheless, rumors abounded on some of the semi-ravaged Human worlds of mysterious bandits lurking in the caves and woods, but not until the recolonization of the colony worlds restored by The Emissary would their entire presence become known.




Notable Individuals

Known Worlds