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Unified Space Fleet

September 2160 - August 2161


The Unified Space Fleet was a collective of ships from several countries, independent of the forces of the United Nations Navy.


In the aftermath of the bloody Jovian campaign, many nations concluded that the United Nations Navy was not up to the task to protecting their assets in space - and so went about constructing their own space forces. Unsurprisingly, several prominent nations - the United Republic of North America, the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the Federative Republic of Brazil, and the members of the European Space Agency - headed their own endeavors and readily produced vessels as needed and in numbers. In the midst of the resulting national fleets, several countries combined their forces into a singular body - the Unified Space Fleet.


The fleet of September 2160 was constructed by seven nations - Chile, Fiji, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, and South Africa.


The Unified Space Fleet underwent a reorganization in December of 2160, with additional ships, as well as newly refitted ones entering the fleet. Similarly, several nations joined the cause as well: Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

International reactionsEdit

Following the rescue of the KBI Penuh Andalan, the actions and sacrifices of the USF were deemed 'newsworthy' enough for to be handled by a number of major news networks. Despite the idealistic appeal of the goals of the Unified Space Fleet, most governments were unmoved and continued to treat the USF as a nonentity, some to the point of apathy. This reaction sparked a number of protests, especially in the United Republic of North America; most notably, a former officer gave a blistering condemnation of the inactivity of the UNSF. These protests, while relatively minor, proved enough to convince fleet officials to dispatch a token force to the USF; similar token forces were sent by a handful of other countries.



(C-1) USF Star Defender 
Safeguard-class light cruiser; USF Flagship
(C-2) USF Sentinel 
Safeguard-class light cruiser
(C-3) USF Starwind 
Expeditious-class light cruiser