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United Federation to Restore Humanity
Political information
Type of government

Semidemocratic governing body

Founding document

Treaty of Dukan


Mara Maceila (2564-)

Legislative branch

United Federal Senate

Judicial branch

Federal System of Court

Societal information


Official language

Human languages


Credit (cR); (officially adopted 2567)


"Thy Savior"

Historical information
Formed from

UNSC Sympathizers

Date of establishment

November 2564


The United Federation to Restore Humanity, often abbreviated as the UFRH and incorrectly referred to by some as UNSC II, was the primary governing body of the Human race following the Splinter War. Similar in dozens, if not hundreds of aspects to the preceding United Nations Space Command, the UFRH brought Humanity back into its glory and to even greater strength before long.


Restoration Efforts



UFRH Ima eat you United Federation to Restore Humanity Ima eat you UFRH
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