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UFRH Naval Division


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The United Federation to Restore Humanity, Naval Division is the official name for what is more commonly known as the United Federal Navy or UFRH Navy; it is the division of the United Federation to Restore Humanity's military which deals with all interplanetary, orbital, and related affairs. These range from patrol, colonization of new planets, and ship-to-ship and/or ship-to-surface combat. It is often considered the direct successor to the United Nations Space Command Navy.


By the end of the Splinter War, the infant Federation lacked any official military force; all that protected what it had achieved was a straggling, unorganized group of a few hundred thousand militants and former soldiers and less than two hundred armed vessels, many of which were armed commercial ships.

Weeks after the war, the new leadership formulated the United Defense Corps; it moderated all aspects of arms from intelligence and naval warfare to basic infantry. Later in December of 2565, the UDC was disbanded and soon replaced by the better-organized UFRH Bureau of Defense. At the same time, the subordinate Naval and Surface Divisions were created. Days later, the Military Intelligence Division was officialized. To allow for greater secrecy, this unit was separated from the Navy as it was in the UNSC.

In late January of the following year, the first military-oriented shipyard, known as Second Light Industries, finished the first stage of the construction of its shipyard around the capital of the UFRH, a sub-arctic planet known as Mayfield. It soon began production of the newly designed Sky Minion-class Frigate, a small yet inexpensive model which could supplement the tattered naval force.


  • Armada - these are the monsters. Ranging in size from two hundred to five hundred ships, armadas rarely operate as wholes.
    • Fleet - these remained fairly similar to those utilized from the UNSC. Fleets range in size from fifty to two hundred ships though also rarely operate as a whole.
      • (Naval) Brigade - ranging in size from fifteen to thirty ships, brigades often defend planets or act as moderately sized attack units.
        • Squadron - consisting of two to eight ships of the same class (frigates, destroyers, etc.), squadrons are organized into brigades and fleets and rarely operate independently as they lack a range of weaponry.

Other Unit TypesEdit

  • Battlegroup - also known as task forces and/or strike forces, these are temporary units formed from ships often of unique units and are used in a similar manner as the more permanent Brigade.
  • Task Element - ranging in size from one to twenty ships, these are used for single missions before they are disbanded. They are often used to escort and carry out special forces-oriented missions.
  • Defense Group - ships of this group belong to respective squadrons, though not to a brigade or fleet. These units are semi-permanently used for the defense of planets and/or points of interest.

Notable UnitsEdit

2nd Naval Brigade


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