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UFRH Surface Division



"To protect and preserve humanity and its homelands."

  • January 2565: Approx 12,000
  • January 1st, 2570: 3,040,520
  • Army
  • Infantry
  • Groundhogs
  • "Do what's right." (2564-2567)
  • "Live your life." (2567-present)
  • "Fight to unite." (Unofficial)

Tactical Combat Suit


The United Federation to Restore Humanity, Surface Division was the branch of the UFRH's Bureau of Defense that carried out the majority of the Federation's Tactical Surface Warfare.


By the end of the Splinter War, the infant Federation lacked any official military force; all that protected what it had achieved was a straggling, unorganized group of a few hundred thousand militants and former soldiers and less than two hundred armed vessels, many of which were armed commercial ships.

Weeks after the war, the new leadership formulated the United Defense Corps; it moderated all aspects of arms from intelligence and naval warfare to basic infantry. Later in December of 2565, the UDC was disbanded and soon replaced by the better-organized UFRH Bureau of Defense. At the same time, the subordinate Naval and Surface Divisions were created. Days later, the Military Intelligence Division was officialized. To allow for greater secrecy, this unit was separated from the Navy as it was in the UNSC.

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