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UN Colonial Security Command
Chronological Information

October 9th, 2554—present


UND2 United Nations Directorate (peacetime)
UNSCflag UN Space Command (wartime)


Regular militia

"Protecting your homeworld and beyond."
―Official motto

The United Nations Colonial Security Command (abbreviated UNCSC), known alternatively as the United Nations Colonial Army, is the successor in role to the defunct Colonial Military Administration. It is tasked with the security and well being of the United Nations Directorates' hundreds of colonies. During wartime, its assets are indefinitely absorbed by the UNSC Defense Force.

Established during the aftermath of the First Great War in 2554, the CSC aimed to unify all colonial defensive assets under a single command; even before its powers were usurped by the United Nations Space Command, the CMA struggled with corruption, inconsistent funding, and other issues. As such, a number of "backwater" security details were equipped with equipment outdated by a century or more.

In addition to having control over various planetary detachments, the Colonial Security Command also maintains the Peacekeeper Army, a mobile, standing militia known best for its forward logistics capabilities, though it is also known for its ability as a gendarmerie and a direct combat force.

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