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The flags of the two members of JAFCOM.
Joint Armed Forces Command
Chronological Information



UND2 United Nations


UNSCflag UN Space Command
CSCflag UN Colonial Security Command


Conglomerated armed force

"JAFCOM? Yeah I've heard of it. The UNSC just ignores it half the time, though."

The United Nations Joint Armed Forces Command (known also as JAFCOM) was the term used to refer to all military forces within the Human sphere. Formed as a result of numerous reorganizational charters in the 2550s, JAFCOM fell under the jurisdiction of both the UN Directorate of Security and the UNSC Military Applications Council (a division of HIGHCOM), the respective command elements of the UN Colonial Security Command and the UNSC Defense Force.

In times of war (and if necessary), the UNSC will gain full control of JAFCOM. It is also only during this time that conscription may be mandated; such a capability may only be exercised providing a majority acceptance by the Senate.

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