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The United Nations Navy came into being in the 2100s as the primary branch of the United Nations Defense Force. The UN Navy preformed adequately until the Jovian Crisis and subsequent conflicts; though rarely defeated in a straight battle, the UNDFN was slow to adjust its tactics against first the Frieden Kriegsmarine and later the Koslovic Navy. Nevertheless, the UN Navy - in cooperation with the International Fleet - preformed brilliantly in the aftermath of the August 26 attack, decisively beating the Koslovic Armada over Mars and securing the inner system. Their greatest success was, in fact, their last, as the UNDF Navy was reformed into the UNSC Navy.


Brought into existence under the United Nations Space Authority as part of the UNDF, the UN Navy was tasked with protecting humanity's colonizing efforts, as well as maintaining stability across the Sol system.

The Interplanetary Conflict

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When the Interplanetary Conflict broke out in 2160, the UNDF Navy remained the primary combat arm of the United Nations, though they eventually received assistance from numerous sources. Following the victory at Mars in December of 2163, the UNSC was officially established, with the UNDF Navy becoming the UNSC Navy on January 1, 2164.